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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Sophie talked to Rupert Van Helden.

On Monday 7th April, Rupert Van Helden will come clean.

He claims there is a smear campaign against the Hymn Of One.

Regarding the Order he says that every religion has to deal with smear campaigns.

The Hymn Of One is a vocation andhe will continue to write about his work and how his transgressions will affect that.

Rupert says we can use Bebo to communicate with the Hymn Of One. He is worried for Steve and what Terrence has done but he has no communication with them.

People talk about the Order all the time. Rupert is a man of the faith and has nothing to do with the Order.

He is 26, but he is quite high up in the Hymn Of One as an Elder.

He did not found the Hymn Of One. Perhaps we should do some research.

He wants to see where things will go with Julia.

He has never been involved with any sort of drugs. He can be stubborn and likes the odd dirty joke.

Rupert is a preacher and wants to spread the message to help these people.

He asked Sophie if she had heard her song. Finding her song may be a way for her to deal with what is going on.

He left a copy of his book with Sophie.

qthec said...
Sophie gave the book back to Rupert at the end - she didn't want it, lol.

The second chat was held at 5PM BST. Sophie voiced her concern regarding the latest video, and announced that she had a visitor wishing to speak with everyone live. Rupert Van Helden came on screen and began answering viewer questions regarding his life. He dismissed any connection between the Hymn of One and Terrence or the Order, stating that they were out to destroy the religion. He proceeded to try and convince people to attend a seminar on April 7, 2008 (The Day of the Eternal Song), where he would be giving a big announcement. Rupert eventually left and Sophie stated that she sided with the viewers in not trusting Rupert and would be doing everything in her power to save everyone.



  1. Sophie gave the book back to Rupert at the end - she didn't want it, lol.

  2. he said hes not an elder but is very high up

  3. I don't believe him. He's way too creepy, he must know about the Order, especially when he's so high up in the HoO.

  4. He's an elder?!?!?


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