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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lord Carruthers - Steve (KM)

We went to the Museun of Childhood. They wouldn't let us film in there but we didn't come away empty handed!


  1. Steve runs like a girl.

  2. THE CROSSOVER BEGINS FOR REAL!!! I'm kind-of scared! Kate modern is sooooo good, and LG15 has been sooooo repetitive. Let's hope they start banging out videos that are KM level...

    btw. I officially love Creepy Steve... even if he runs like a girl!

  3. I thought he was going to say Lord Lucan and there all hiding in the mountains with bree, elvis and my mail.

  4. Have the KM vid embeds looked really pixelated for anyone else lately?

  5. So now they're back to making the Hymn of One/the Order very Aleister Crowley-ish it seems. Remember the days when Greek and Egyptian stuff played a part? What happened to that? I guess things never pan out or get remembered in the LGverse.

  6. am I the only one that was hoping that Steve was wearing the pink shoes

  7. Lauren cracks me up. After a longish explanation by Steve, she says, "Yeah? So what?"

    My favorite part was when Lauren said, "You're not as stupid as you look, are you Steve?" and Steve pauses and just looks at her (the camera) for a moment before quietly saying, "Thank you." That was good.

  8. I like Lauren too. She seems a little more real sometimes.

    I'm wondering when the American-counter parts will start responding. "Oh Jonas...." (calls to him)

    KM has had three videos about the Americans but we've had no mention stateside yet.

    *Continues doing crossover dance*

    Gosh they better not splat my excitement and not really do a crossover. I'll cry.


  9. lol... Steve runs like a girl. But at least we are getting somewhere. Can't wait till the crossover!


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