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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Manhattan Project?

During a keynote presentation at the RSA Conference on April 8 2008, Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security said that the USA is working on the cyber equivalent of a Manhattan Project.


"The human and economic sacrifices from a cyber-attack can be devastating ... on par with what this country experienced on September 11," Chertoff said, calling on the private sector and computer security professionals to partner with the federal government on creating a valuable early warning system for major network attacks.

In the days since the conference we have received reports from an anonymous informant that technicians for Creature, Inc have been observed moving certain "black box technology" into many "Internet exchange points" around the USA.

What will this mean for you? Stay tuned......


  1. That bastard has his finger in everything

  2. I never did like the term "Homeland Security".

  3. homeland security is no match for the Rickroll.

  4. that was cruel. i thought it was about the Creators working on a LG15 project in NY!

  5. Blame Michael Chertoff for that.

  6. This is nothing. There was an article on Digg about the government working on technology that could eventually translate human thought. Talk about scary.

  7. He will be controlling our ever thoughts If we let him go any further ... Our future is looking darker ever min.


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