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Friday, April 11, 2008

MicFranXon Recap

Written by SheetzJunkie:

Mike started off the show tonight talking about playing and winning in a laser tag convention in 2001. This same team was the focus of Mike's first web series that he created, produced and edited. Called "The Real Tag", a reality based web-series on NY's laser taggers, it got the attention of Tiger/Hasbro which earned the team development credits and gear. Considering this was before the days of youtube Mike realised it was quite an accomplishment and saw the potential of online entertainment.

Series Update:

Premier date for the series is this Sunday, April 13, 2008 (approx 11am - Noon pacific). So far the test runs for youtube are looking good (Mike thanks Glenn Rubenstein for his encoding advice).

Mike secured the actress that he felt was perfect for the series. Her name is Ellen Clifford. Ellen likes the synopsis of the series and is looking forward to interacting with the community in character. When asked, Mike explained the genre of this series as a mix of mystery, drama, and a bit of comedy. Basically a dramystedy!

Mike may compose one or two pieces of music for the series but he has found many interesting pieces to use. The first episode of the series Mike produced and posted previously while still living in NYC to test the waters. When he knew it was probable that he would move to California, he stopped production until the move as not to affect the storyline to heavily. Mike is greatful that he took the time he needed to develop the series more in depth while in California. The name of the series is "Third Triad." Mike implored everyone to go to the youtube page and subscribe.

Mike predicted on air that the impostor Jennie in LG15chat was a fake. Mike praised Hammy on her kicking and banning of the impostor.

Track List:

Good Charlotte - The Anthem
Green Day - Holiday
Flogging Molly - Light of A Fading Star
JerryPwjr - Cassie
Fuel - Shimmer
Foo Fighters - Times Like These
Elvis Crespo - Suavemente
Garbage - Stupid Girl

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