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Monday, April 7, 2008

Morning Glory- Jonas (LG15)

I hope taking action will help me to close old chapters and start a new one. - Jonas
Music: Artist: Great Lake Swimmers
Track: Various Stages
Artist Link: www.greatlakeswimmers.com

This videos bears similarity the video The Morning After from Season One. The title is similar and also the fact that there appears to be no coffee in Jonas's mug.

Among other meanings, "Morning glory" is a term sometimes used to describe an individual up before everyone else. It is also a slang term for Noctural penile tumescense.

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  1. Why is it Mary Annette and not Marion Ette? or marionette?

  2. Then, of course, there is Marie Antoinette, mother of Louis XVII and who was executed by guillotine during the French Revolution.

    ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Antoinette

  3. good to hear a good, young canadian band on lg15!

  4. I was thinking Marie Antoinette too. :P It's nice to hear that Jonas is concerned about Jennie and her feelings. Maybe there is no love triangle (or square) after all. Thanks for the screen shot. ;)

  5. LOL I did the LGPedia page for this - I took the screencap too (the one that's now under the video on LG15Today). He is just too sexy, my God.

  6. He sure is pretty, but not too smart!

    I'm positive she meant marionette.

    If you find the puppet, you can follow the strings back to the puppet master.

    Simple as that.

  7. Not a problem modelmotion!

    I've done the past four with updating the front page as well - I try to get on it as soon as the video comes out so it's done. :)

  8. It all comes back to P. Monkey:

    Marie Annette = marionette = puppet = P. Monkey!!!

    Isn't that obvious? Sheesh!

  9. Another note hidden in P. Monkey perhaps?

    It's about time that monkey showed up.

  10. Awww Jonas and Jennie goodness. It's good to see Jonas maturing in recent videos. He's also dealing with Bree's death.

    Also he is very very attractive in this video.

    But I like the Jennie/Jonas stuff even more than the Jonas-Hot stuff.


  11. The P MONKEY EMAIL!! Remeber that?? Maybe that's it?

    Marionette = puppet = p.monkey = the p.monkey email?


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