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Friday, April 18, 2008

Scientology is causing problems for Youtube

Remember this???

Well it looks like the Church of Scientology is creating quite the stir on Youtube.
At the beginning of this week an interview with "tease" featuring ex-scientology "clear" and actor Jason Beghe in which he exposes Scientology secrets and so called lies. (the video can be viewed here, but there is some cursing! If you are interested, hurry up before it's pulled) The interviewee, Jason Beghe, clearly states that he understands that all they are doing is trying to help, but he just doesn't like being lied to.
Well last night the account that this tease was featured on, XenuTV1 was suspended without any notice nor reason.
Unfortunately for these lovely folks who are expressing their opinions, the Church of Scientology is a large sponsor for Youtube and their partnerships with the production teams.
Unfortunately for Youtube, there have been numerous complaints against the C.o.S. ads within the past week.
What will this mean in the end?

Youtube cancels XenuTV's youtube account! :


  1. I just wanted to add that over the night hurs and the past couple of hours I've been watching this, there has become a HUGE campaign on youtube to get this guy's channel back and are demanding youtube to drop the CoS as a corporate sponsor.

  2. If youtube value their userbase they would be wise to listen to them and drop the CoS as a sponsor.

  3. hey, KTS, glad to see you are following the anonymous-scientology war. its fascinating. your comment above doesn't surprise me - they are going to be pissed if "Wise Beard Man" gets kicked off YouTube.

  4. I've been following the Anon thing since its inceptyion as well. Scientology has been making some strong moves against Anon lately, but Anon always manages to prevail, of course =3

    If WBM is no longer on YouTube, he'll just move base to another video uploading site =3

  5. Scientology is a bit scary to have this much power, if you ask me.

  6. Does Scientology have any sheep? That would make it conclusive.

  7. I've always thought the HoO reminded me of Scientology... how they're so wide spread and they have this message of unity and transcendency, and a bunch of random beliefs all pushed together with no real connection, but it's really just a way to use people for money (ESPECIALLY when Steve said they take all your money and time).

  8. yea the order does seem to be influenced by the CoS's negative ways doesn't it???

    I have an update:
    over the past 48 hours the campaign behind Anon.TV&CO. has grown to a huge number, including Mr. Breghe's himself amoung other former members of the CoS 100% willing to speak out about wrongful doings that they themselves did for the church. From what I've understood from the chatter on myspace, facebook and some other forums is that Youtube is said to be meeting with the PR reps from the CoS to discussing the future involvement with Youtube. Unfortunately, the CoS has invested a VERY large, undisclosed amount in money in YouTube, in what seems to me like insurance and protection money for their channel (as their channel not only has Ad's on youtube and other google pages but also MANY features under it's belt).
    SOOOO ...I'll keep you updated and if there is a new development that big, I'll post as a blog!


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