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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Terrence is a man who lent Gavin and Tariq money for their business. He became very upset when the software was leaked and he realized that he had invested in a potentially illegal project. He initially visited the two when they were hiding at Aunt Joan's house, and threatened Gavin with physical violence numerous times. He followed Lee's "treasure hunt" for the software very closely, hoping to recover the software for himself. In Seven Dials: 5pm - 23rd November 2007, Terrence knocked out Lee and actually had possession of the stolen software (hidden inside of a gnome statue) for a minute, before Charlie and Julia discovered that the gnome contained the software, and ran away with it. The software was then stolen by a Watcher.

Following his defeat at the hands of the Watcher, Terrence became very hostile regarding the software, and knocked out Charlie to take, what he thought at the time, was his software. Gavin eventually explained to Terrence that the Order, a secret organization, was in possession of the software. The two planned on leveraging their possession of a list of trait positive girls for the return of their software. Unfortunately for Terrence, Gavin backed out of the plan, deciding instead to help Charlie save the girls. Later, Terrence contacted Gavin to reveal that he had captured the Watcher in a refrigerated van.

On New Year's Day, Terrence sought revenge against the Order by attacking the Hymn of One London Centre. As Terrence pulled a semi-automatic weapon on a defenseless Michelle Clore, a group of Michelle's Shadows tackled Terrence and chased after a very frightened Gavin and Tariq.

Terrence reappeared in Terry, having changed his name to "Terry". He is now a member of the Hymn of One, and claims that the religion helped him through some hard times. "Reformed," he has decided to help his newest friend Steve, whether it was trying to talk to Charlie or the sister of the latest abducted girl, Lauren. Oddly enough, he has become Steve's voice of reason, suggesting he try less "heavy-handed" tactics as well as trying to boost Steve's spirits.



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