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Saturday, April 26, 2008

theGermexican's new blog!

Hey Lonelycrackah's
Germex here telling you guys that I have my new blog up and running. Some of you might know that I am no longer a permanent host on Lonelycast15, but I might from time to time, guest host. Now, I know that by now this is old news to the listeners, but I wanted to drop in and tell you all about my new blog, the Diary of An Aspiring "Whatever". I might have mentioned this before in the LC15 blog, but I had never really said much outside of that. So now that I have everything up, I really need an audience for my ranting and raving. (Plus movie reviews :) )
So help me out and read my blog entries and leave delicious comments. Aight!?
Also, I am going to be starting my own podcast to accompany the blog in the near future. While not strictly related to LG15, it might be nice to hear my diatribes from time to time. So keep checking for that. Peace!



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