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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Sat April 5th: Kate Modern - Precious Blood

12 Videos in 12 Hours In progress.

Video Chats on NowLive

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So, the fun is over and we all had a great time watching KateModern: Precious Blood. Well, now is the time to tell us what you thought?

What did you think of the plot, the drama the actors? Was it a hit or a miss. What about the interactivity: too much "on rails", or just about right? How about the puzzle? What did you think about how it was shot? What about the way Sophie acted as an intermediate? What about viewer participation or the chats? What would you like to see more of or less of? Or, just make up your own topic.

Basically we just want to know what you thought whether it is a critical analysis or an over the top proclamation of love? Just leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of Kate Modern: Precious Blood.

Oh, and do not forget to read up on all the details on LGPedia!


  1. waaay better than the LAST 12in12. Take notes, LG15!

  2. I loved it! I was sitting on the edge of my chair with my face just inches away from the computer screen at some points!

  3. indeed, anonymous!

  4. TOTALLY Awesome!

  5. It was really, really good!! It was full of suspense, I was glued to the screen with a lot of videos. I loved the plot, surprising and like I said before, a lot of suspense. The interactivity level was exactly right and Sophie is a great person to do those interactions. Much kudos to the actors and all the people who worked on this 12in12. You guys rock!

  6. The way Sophie was used was a good idea.
    I thought it was just right, not too OTT like in LG15 sometimes.

    A real shocker that Terrance lives and how it ended for Charlie.

  7. It beat LG15 12 in 12 and the first 7 or so were amazing but the last few werent as good and felt a bit anti-climatic.

    But in generall good.

    The live chat was too frantic thogugh i think my browser crash 10 times between the 4 chats.

  8. Yeah, the only thing I didn't liked were the chats. They didn't work with me, I kept getting error, service unavailable. So next time if there is anythign with chatting, just use the normal irc chat or something.

  9. I loved it! They did a great job!

    And I liked the bonus video too. I guess it was 13 in 12.5 hours, lol.

  10. It sucked. I didn't see 436 in any of the videos. There will be a price to pay for your insolence.

  11. xsighxsighx (Nikki)April 5, 2008 at 4:14 PM

    It was GREAT!
    Way better than LG15

  12. I think the LG15 site going down during 12 in 12 was probably a press release from the 436 indicating that it was not happy.


  13. I hadn't watched any of the season two videos, and even missed the season one finale, but watched the 12/12 videos. I was amazed that I was able to follow the story as if nothing had happened since season one. Did anything happen in season two? Besides introducing the Lauren character?

  14. The LG15 12in12 started out very exciting with the car accident, but was a bit weak in the execution of the last few videos (especially the fight scenes with the goofy shadows)... but LG15 Season 2 finale was much better.

    I think the KM 12in12 story was more tightly written - and there is a lot of information in those videos that we have not digested/analyzed fully yet (for example, the Michele Clore video mentioning "Bree Avery" "cousin" "California" etc.)

    One thing that is odd is the disconnect between much of the lighter videos of the season vs. the very serious tone of the finale... they could have done more to set the stage leading up to the 12in12.

    The setting for KM 12in12 was very scary - similar to the hospital used by LG15, but dressed even bloodier. There was one mistake (I think) where Charlie says to Steve "It is 3 against 1" ... who were the 3 at that point? (1 watcher + Terrence)... but maybe Charlie is supposed to have seen the other guy that was probably an Elder or another Shadow.

    Terrence was very good as the villain, and I like that there are some bad guys still in play after these events... and we are still not quite sure how they all will relate. Also, we don't know whether Rupert will prove evil yet, so there is some suspense.

    Still, relationships changed - Gavin/Charlie, Julia/Rupert, and even Lee/Sophie had a kiss, lol.

    It bothers me that we did not actually get to see Kate, but just have to take Terrence's word that she is dead. Maybe Steve can confirm?

    Also, It would have been nice to see Tariq.

    One technical aspect that detracted a bit is the difficulty in understanding quite a bit of what Terrence is saying - though he gave an enjoyable performance as a brutal villain - I'm going to need to read transcripts to get it all.

    But all in all, an exciting set of videos... I hope they carry this momentum in the videos to come.

    Oh, and leave Auntie Joan alone!

  15. re: NowLive chats - #1 was the best with Sophie/Charlie, in #2 Rupert did a good job, but maybe it should have been a bit shorter or had some more direct impact on the story, and in #3 the chat worked for me, but the video failed (I think some others had some trouble at the same time - probably due to overall numbers of viewers?)

    I think it would be appreciated by many if the chat videos would be posted on Bebo.

    Also, for the schedule, maybe allow 20 minutes or so between when the video is released and the beginning of the chat session.

  16. I LOVED 12 in 12. My only critique would be that I think the 10pm video was a little weak and the acting was poor (particularly Charlie when Steve left her... which pains me to say because I love her character!). But otherwise, well written and tight story. I'm excited to see what will happen next with the video and the whole Terrance storyline. :) I am a little sad/confused by the new relationshisp. To see Charlie ditch Gavin (which seemed abrupt [I for one didn't see that coming]) for Creepy Steve seemed weird/disconnected from the rest of the season.

  17. http://babyboxes.livejournal.com/26968.html

  18. oops. i forgot to say

    "thats what i think"


  19. .... well basically agree with all of the above!
    But the interactive chats were excellent, wasnt there for the second one but was for the 1st, 3rd and 4th. Loved the fact that there was a bonus video and chat - glad i stayed on longer last night! The 10:30 video was so scary though! TERRENCE'S EYES!!! O.O They freak me out big time.
    I looove you KM team!! :D

    Julie <3

  20. Was there a 4th chat? (i.e. after the 3rd one which featured Lee and Sophie)?

    If there was, what happened? Who was on the video?

  21. This link was posted as its own article on the blog but I think it is worth adding to the discussion here:


  22. From LGPedia:
    "The second chat was held at 5PM BST. Sophie voiced her concern regarding the latest video, and announced that she had a visitor wishing to speak with everyone live. Rupert Van Helden came on screen and began answering viewer questions regarding his life. He dismissed any connection between the Hymn of One and Terrence or the Order, stating that they were out to destroy the religion. He proceeded to try and convince people to attend a seminar on April 7, 2008 (The Day of the Eternal Song), where he would be giving a big announcement. Rupert eventually left and Sophie stated that she sided with the viewers in not trusting Rupert and would be doing everything in her power to save everyone."

    One thing that troubled me a little was why Rupert (or any of the others) was visiting Sophie in the first place. Perhaps I missed it but I did not see the premise for that in terms of her character development.

    That said, I have to give the KM team props for what came close to dynamic interactivity (http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Interactivity) by allowing Rupert to ad lib in response to viewer questions. Yes, I understand that the videos were already shot in the short term, however one slip by Rupert in terms of what he said would have affected the future story so to that degree it was "dynamic". The execution might not have been perfect but it was an adventurous move in a show that has essentially been "on rails" from the beginning. Now clearly from a story telling approach "on rails" is a lot simpler in that it does not involve the complexity of multiple paths such as a show like Maddison Atkins. I think the KM team are continually learning and exploring, so I hope this is just the beginning of them taking risks. It is a good thing, and for that I give them credit.

  23. I think the best word for the 12in12 event is revealing - not in the amount of answers we got within the story, but revealing of the great strengths and the few weaknesses of the storytelling medium of internet series/short film.

    First, the acting was, for the most part, superb. I think it's fair to say there was probably a feeling in the cast and crew and this was a big undertaking, and the actors really stepped up for the occasion.

    Special notice must be given to Matt Gammie, who transformed Terence from a well-dressed thug to a pacifist to a being of pure evil. For all the pumped-up gym rats that have donned Raybans to portray Shadows, the lean Terence was the first one to actually be terrifying.

    Tara Rushton as Charlie has perfected a balance of flawless beauty and everywoman-next-door that has proven she makes the best central character for this series, as flawed as any normal 20-something and easily indentified with.

    As the men in her life, Ralf Little and Giles Alderson take their characters to opposing corners in their match over Charlie, neither satisfying enough of her needs, instead both half of a man, together the whole of what Charlie needs to handle this stressful new existence. More than any of the other actors, these two men shine a light on why KM is presently a better series than LG15, as well as the limits of this medium: They are excellent, experienced, real actors, exploring their craft through this new forum, whereas the actors of LG15 feel more like young actors still discovering their talents, using this forum to grow.

    That is why we (the community) lost Jessica, Alexandra, and Jai, and now why it seems like 'Gavin' and 'Steve' are going away for a while - simply because these actors are good enough to get work of a higher profile. The internet series allows actors to explore and try new things, but it is not yet a fully reliable source of income, and so there must be some form of turnover. For any of these actors, we the fans can only hope they return.

    Now - the story and the filmmaking. Well, it felt like an overall effort to produce something of a more weighty adventure, and I think it worked. Yes there are complaints to be made - I would have liked to have seen Steve & Charlie escape the bunker - but this event was a great success withing the lagging second season (thankfully, no useless justincredible.tv subplot was included), and if it is indeed not a season finale, I hope the rest of the episodes remain this good.

    Charlie/Steve - while it might have been hinted at for a while, their hook-up was abrupt and awkward. Seeing how he lives, it might've worked better to have him be Charlie's roommate instead of the disappearing Australians, and then watch their relationship evolve more naturally from there. Oh, and Gavin got played and has every right to kick her to the curb.

    Sophie/Lee - Good side story. It makes Lee more than a clown. More please.

    Terence, Lauren, Michelle Clore, the list of girls, The Order, etc. - As the anchor of the show, I'm interested in where all of this is gonna go, especially the connection to what's going on with TAAG way over in Cali. As long as Terence sticks around, the story will stay thrilling.

    Julia/Rupert - *sigh* I really don't know. I like Julia - Lucinda is infectious - and her relationship with Charlie is fun, and sure she deserves her own man. But...how do I put this...I think the character of Rupert is not really that interesting. Perhaps Rupert's stiffness is intended, and if so, then I'd be wrong, but it was the one part of the 12 videos that was a disappointment.

    The look of the episodes was great, showing the spectrum of muted, rainy London color and especially every form of lighting, from night-vision to using the interior light in Charlie's car. The bunker setting was fascinating and chilling - there was real dread in those scenes. There were some great moments and visuals to accompany the story: the long tunnels and hallways in the bunker, the bloody stretchers, Steve's monolgue with Lauren in the door window, the spinning camera during Steve & Terence's fight, even Gavin sliding down the stairs in Aunt Joan's house. It really was so much more than, say, Charlie vlogging at her desk.

    I think a thank you is in order to all the creative people involved in this event and series, for working so hard just for the love of their craft, their stories, and their viewers. Not only did they make me get back to my computer every hour to see what happened next, but now I can't wait to see where else they're going to take us.

  24. "Charlie/Steve - while it might have been hinted at for a while, their hook-up was abrupt and awkward."

    I would have to agree with that. It reminded me a bit of Bree jumping into bed with Jonas. OK, perhaps in that case she was not of sound mind but that just felt extreme at the time. (aka, Jess is leaving the show, so we had better do this while we can).

    I also question the part where Steve just walked away leaving 2 girls in a potentially dangerous situation. How many human males would not at least make sure the girls got to their car safely or at least offer? It just seemed forced.

  25. A lot of people have compared the KM 12 in 12 to the LG15 12 in 12. I think everyone is going to have their own opinion on that. However one area where the LG15 series generated a lot of excitement was the live pier event.

    First the appearance of Nikki B in the unofficial "Hymn Of One" IRC chat room (#hymnofone http://hymnofoneircchat.blogspot.com) was incredibly exciting. Yes, it was probably caused by the crash of LG15.com and yes, we were not prepared for it in terms of how to operate a room with 200 people in it (many of whom were new to IRC) but it was still very exciting. For one thing it was one of the few times that LG15 has stepped off their "home turf" into a fan run chat room and that alone was very cool.

    Then we come to the good part: the live "fan interaction". Now, clearly the execution could have been a lot better but what they attempted to do was interesting. I think we would all have liked to see Marla "enter into the plot" but we came so close. But yes, this is one area where the LG15 12 in 12 created a level of involvement that was simply not present in the KM version (great as it was).


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