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Thursday, May 8, 2008

6 Months Ago Today in LG15 History...

Daniel posted a video addressed to Greg Gallows: The Beast's Turn - "MMYB" - Danielbeast (LG15).

DB wrote:
"My response to greggallows. Check out his videos at LG15 http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/?page_id=113&member=20398 - Daniel"

And here was Greg Gallow's response video, (Gutter Grillz) Danielbeast's "MMYB Request", including clips from Lonelygirl15, LordGreystroke, Boryalic, NikkiBower, Opaphid, Tachyon, TWJaniak, CassieIsWatching, Trainer101, LonesomeOctober, Paul and Andrea (Paulmark18), ItsCassie, Immant, Lonelyjewfifteen, Micfranxon, HopefulSemblance, Acidfingers, Modelmotion, WatchingOpAphid, GenocideInMyMind, OpAdolf, TigerLilyLynn, TheLadyLazarus, ApotheosisAZ, QtheC, Virginian9000, Ziola, JerryPwr (left out, but listed in the credits), Zarbod, Betz28, ACrowleyOrder, ImpulseLG, Noava22, and ZorinXL.

How's that for interaction and community involvment?

But the question remains ... Does Danielbeast have what it takes to answer the challenge laid down by Greg Gallows at the end of this video?


  1. Wow, was that only six months ago?

    Good times, good times.

  2. Greg was just a wee young lad back then...

  3. 6 months, wow. good post.

    if i remember correctly, this mmyb call out was one of a few vids they didn't post on the lonelygir15 account that were directed solely to fan interaction. the initiative then stopped, and the non-bree accounts have been pretty much dormant. but the shoutouts to greg gallows and paul and andrea were nice.


    I feel old.


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