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Friday, May 23, 2008

Access to next-gen Internet may be uneven

""A quarter of the U.S. is going to get one of the best networks in the world," said Dave Burstein, editor of the DSL Prime newsletter.

The rest of the country, he said, is going to be stuck with slow DSL or cable, though the latter is due for upgrades in the next few years that will boost top speeds fivefold."



  1. Does this mean when I click "view all" in LG15 comments it won't take forever to load? Assuming I'm one of the lucky ones.

  2. Well that would depend on the speed of your processor as well. With todays fastest cable access I suspect that computer memory/processor are more limiting and the situation gets worse the slower your cable speed.

    There is also a lot of back and forth communication because of the inefficient way that web pages work.

  3. By the way, I also have a huge problem with the LG15 home page etc but not everyone seems to have the problem and they have not done anything to improve it in months despite comments that there is a problem.


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