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Monday, May 5, 2008

Aleister Crowley-The Pentagram

The Great Beast Speaks of the meaning of the Pentagram, The pentagram is not a symbol of devil worship (it only became so after Levi famously inverted it - duality).

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  1. Pentagram/pentacle - Personally I prefer the term pentacle and when inverted I'll refer to it as a pentagram. The pentacle symbolizes the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. The fifth element included is known as Akasha or the spirit. The circle around the pentacle symbolizes the unity of all these elements and the cycle of life, which is never-ending.

    Just some correction... the symbol was not inverted by Levi originally. It was inverted during the Inquisition in which the church sought out those who were against the Christian church. Originally Christians had interpreted the symbol as the wounds of Jesus (Christ as they believe) two wrists, two ankles, and one side. This was in medieval times. It as a lesser-used symbol in Christianity, but not considered evil until the inquisition. The inverse, with two points up and one down was a sign for winter. However, the church became obsessed in wiping out those they considered against them. They were the ones to imply that the inverted pentagram contained the image of a goat's head in association with Bathomet a form of the devil. All symbols against the Christian concepts were then equated with evil. And they killed a good deal of people.

    Then years later Levi in the 19th century began using the symbol using a juxtaposition between good and evil in which the pentacle contains the everyman and the inverted, the goat's head. thus sticking a able on which was good and bad... despite the inverted's initial use to symbolize winter.


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