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Friday, May 2, 2008

Alone in the Woods - Gina (KM/LG15)

This was bad. I never thought it would end like this. -- Gina

Sophie S said...

How could they do that to Steve???

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  1. Does anyone know that location?

  2. Daniel, you do not attack someone with their arm in a sling. Not cool dude.

    And why just leave him out in the middle of nowhere?....again so wrong.

  3. That was total bull.

    Normally I am totally a Daniel fan but what the hell was that?!

  4. I agree Keri. That seemed very out of character for Daniel. Yes, i get that he has unresolved issues regarding Bree but this just did not seem like something he would do.

  5. Jonas is kind of an idiot; I expect rash judgements from him. But Daniel...he was usually the smart one. He was my favorite character. Was. Such a bad bad bad idea. And if Jennie wasn't sure about it, she should've done a bit more.

    Now Steve's gonna go rejoin the HoO and rain destruction down on TAAG for revenge. Well, I hope not.

  6. Well actually, and I'm not sure if anyone shares my sentiments...

    After watching this video.. I am so utterly disgusted by TAGG... I kinda don't care about them any more.

    Jonas pretty much begged if not FORCED Steve to go to the US with him after the "fake cab" incident.

    They LEFT HIM wounded, possibly critically injured in a dessert.

    They coerced some fucked up plan to do what? Who the hell goes to some kinda party and takes a hammer or a pipe- anything metal to the head of another human being regardless if they are a good guy or bad? I'm glad Steve didn't do that. If I had saw that, I'd be extremely shocked and disgusted even more so now really... I dunno I mean I can handle gunshots... car crashes.. but someone bludgeoning someone to death? They say that type of crime is one of passion.. that it takes a lot of anger and personal confrontation to beat someone... it's an entirely different emotional state than from just shooting them.

    and now they leave him out along some highway in the heat and sun...

    And why? because he hesitated? I mean who the fuck wouldn't hesitate at bashing a man's skull? was I missing something? I mean I didn't understand how steve fucked up anything other than hesitating...

    So you know what.. fuck TAGG... they deserve to have a hit out on them... Hell, think if I were to kill one of them I could ascend as an elder?

    idiots are getting stupider by the minute. Steve needs to get to a British embassy. He needs to go home, back to Charlie.

  7. I'm glad everyone is as disgusted with this as I am. I really don't like TAAG anymore. I really don't have any interest in watching this anymore. These characters were once great, and now they are selfish, irrational, and thick-headed.

    They left him alone in a country he doesn't know. Messed up writing and messed up storyline.

  8. I hope the next crossover is in a couple months as Lonlelygirl15 VS KateModern. That would pwn!

    But I agree with everyone. The lg15 characters are so... well let's just say... I seriously could give a crap if any of them die now. I no longer identify with any of them.

  9. So what joans says goes does it now? Why the hell didn't Jenny and Gina protest?
    I'm glad steve punched daniel he deserved it.Why wasn't daniel the one with the bar, why leave it to steve to do the killing. Steve didn't have to help them, the hit is on TAAG not the K-Team.

  10. Im pretty much +100 with what everyone wrote here. The only remorse we got was Jenny saying "im not so sure about this..." Well if you are so unsure, than get out of the f-ing car and take a stand! They are children behaving like children. I dont know why we ever expected more of them. Oh and hey, how could we be getting NO comment videos from the london crew? So out of character for them! This whole premise was bullshit. This crossover has sucked!

  11. You're right fh14... there are some redeeming members of the L.A. group... we still have Emma, Taylor, and Spencer... oh wait...

  12. I think both Jennie and Gina see what kinda crap this is, but both were unfortunately intimidated to act.

    I'm amazed that everyone apparently loves Daniel more than me. I'm not surprised. He's always been a very emotional boy...and we especially saw that with Sarah. He has a temper and he shows it.

    Jonas dear, let me address you. Have you learned nothing about jumping conclusions or the mob mindset from your own experience? You seem to forget about when they thought you were part of the Order and attacked you.

    I am dissapointed in TAAG as well, but this could be interesting.

    Sidenote: Am I the only person who loves Jennie's eyes?


  13. Note to the Creators:

    Jonas is a retard. Daniel is an angry, drunken retard. Jennie is just annoying.

    If you want anyone to continue to care about your increasingly crapifying show, I suggest you get rid of JJD and have LG15 become focused on Nikki B, Gina, Taylor, Sarah, and Emma going up against Lucy, the Order, and Gemma (revive her) with appearances by Purple Monkey, Thor, and Owen. And maybe even bring in Cassie, if you think you can manage making her a "real character" without destroying her charm.
    Probably impossible for you.

  14. hehe. You guys know Amanda reads this right?

    I dunno... the way this is going...

    Is it just me or do you think Jennie and Gina are scared to act because they know that Jonas and Daniel are irrational and like getting drunk.

    Honestly every character is turning a bit awful.

    I have taken to skipping days and just catching up later. Thats how bad they are getting.

    KM would be awesome if I actually lived in the country... but I am not much of a Charlie fan...



  15. Amanda reads this? hehe

    This video appears to have riled everyone up on the forum and elsewhere.

    To me, that means its good.

    I'm engaged with the storyline.

    If steve turns out he is still with the hymn of one, and was trying to deliver TAAG to the baddies so HE COULD ACSEND instead of Salinas, what will you say then, peoples?

  16. As always the TAAG decision making is so wrong.
    I can believe they left Steve out there.

    I hope he doesn't get kidnapped or something worse

  17. You know...If when Daniel said "it's Steve or me" and if they chose to leave Daniel behind and kick him out of TAAG, you would all be saying the same thing.

    "oh man, how can they do that to Daniel...I hate them now..." etc!'

    You know what? I'm glad Daniel took a stand about something, he was always the smart one but always more passive than the others. So, good for Daniel!

    Steve was with Jonas BOTH times Jonas almost got shot in London, and the ONE time they almosy shot him back in the states.

    When they pressed redial on Steve's phone..where did it call? Oh... the Ho0! Hmmmmm yeah.

    (they could have dropped Steve off at an airport or something, I mean leaving him in the desert was harsh)

    But, yeah.. GO DANIEL!

  18. But Mike, the desert is where they leave people! It's a tradition!

  19. It's all are clever ruse. Steve and TAAG are still working together - he is just going undercover to infiltrate the HOO again, and this video is a setup - all will be revealed later, as the masterfully crafted plan unfolds step by step...

    if only.

  20. It could be worse. They could have tied Steve up in a chair with zipties.

  21. That sucked, in every way possible it could suck.

    What a terrible way to end the crossover.

    One of the worst videos in the series. The Creators should apologize to the fans for making their characters so laughable.

  22. I understand people have some various opinions, and that's fine, but I'm getting uncomfortable with the anonymous flaming comments being posted on this blog ... so please try to provide something thoughtful, and preferably identify yourself, especially if you have a negative viewpoint.

    Anonymous flaming comments with no substantive content are likely to be deleted.

    Let's keep this blog reasonably civil please.

  23. Oh my god, how messed up can this possibly be.

    Steve. Saved Jonas' life, was forced to illegally come to the United States. Got shot after sneaking across a border. Nearly bludgeoned someone for them. And now he gets left in the middle of the road all alone with an injury! So messed up.

    Jennie. Not really representing your fellow anthro majors properly right now. If you weren't sure about it you should have gotten out of that car and refused to leave him. You know they wouldn't leave you there, couldn't you do a bit more???

    Geeeez, TAAG. Out. of. control.

  24. Now I would assume there are warrants out for the arrest of both Jonas and Steve. That might make a return trip a bit problematic for Steve if he did try and return.

    No doubt the cops are already knocking on Charlie's door. This should be interesting.

  25. The US-side of the crossovers has been a hugely wasted opportunity.

    I won't say anything harsher here, but trust me, I'm thinking much worse things.


  26. Are they making LG15 bad on purpose so KM looks good?

  27. These characters aren't clueless teenagers. Bree was, and she would've acted smarter in this situation. These people are supposed to have gone through enough of this to treat these moments better. Otherwise, and it has been said a handful of times here, the audience stops caring about the characters.

    That is the A-#1 rule of what not to do in any piece of fiction. If the characters act so illogically that we stop caring, then the creative team has failed. And right now, you know what I care about in this Breeniverse? What happens to Steve. That's it.

    I don't think I'm out of line speaking for (almost) everyone when I say FIX THIS.

    Shit, I could even hope to see Jonas or Daniel or all of them sit in front of the camera and just apologize, one of those "a lot of you on the forums said..." videos, but this time, it's not about solving a puzzle. It's about all of us calling them on their ridiculous crap.

  28. Daniel and Jonas are almost acting like their troubles would have been over if Steve had killed Salinas, but I'm sure he's not the only highly positioned person that's out to get them. If they want to get rid of someone, they should go after Michelle Clore.

    I've been watching LG15 sporadically the past couple months because I haven't been as interested in the story as I was before. I admit I'll probably watch the next several KM and LG15 videos to see what happens to Steve, but I don't really feel connected to any of the LG15 characters anymore. Daniel and Jonas are always reacting instead of thinking ahead, and Gina and Jennie are afraid to stand up to the guys. Steve and Charlie are my favorites out of all the LG15 and KM people.

  29. QtheC:
    you're idea it's very plausible one.
    It that is the plan... at least it would show that the TAAG does have some braincells...

  30. perhaps what is frustrating me more is jennie and gina. we got one small commment from jennie and that's it? it's not that they're afraid to stand up to the guys-- what about when emma had to go home or gina had to find bree's mom? fear is not the issue. it seems to me to be more of a lack in personality or just basic caring qualities that both girls are supposed to have.

    i mean, they said nothing while they drove away! it's just ridiculous. it saddens me to admit that i really don't like many of the characters of lg15 anymore, except for sarah who has always stayed true to herself. but i do like julia, steve, lauren, and sometimes lee and charlie from km. interesting, really.

    oh yes, i do really love nikki b though. she should become a regular and bring sarah back already!! at least she seems REAL

  31. Am I the only one who wants Lauren to post a video on Monday going "We've found something out about the elder! But if you think for one SECOND we're going to tell you..."

    I'd love to see more vids of Steve trying to go it alone in america though, trying to sneak home.

    Who can see him turning up in the middle of the night at Charlie's?

  32. It occurs to me that the writers obviously wrote the story knowing that Steve was going to be left behind - so perhaps given that planned decision by the LG15 characters, more was needed to lay the groundwork in some way.

    Daniel mistrusted Steve, and it is true that bad things happened while Steve was around, and he was 'caught' telephoning the HOO... but somehow, the audience was not convinced he should be viewed as untrustworthy.

    I wonder if the writers are surprised by the strength of the reaction? Logically, it makes sense that Daniel did not know Steve and would be less trusting of him than Jonas, and it is understandable that Jonas chose to go with Daniel over Steve even though he did not 'totally agree' with Daniel.

    I think the audience is reacting in part based on seeing the KM finale videos with Charlie and Steve working together, seemingly, to escape the Order. Didn't Daniel see those videos in his 'research' of Steve? That storyline did have Steve appearing on the wrong side of things due to his HOO ties and involvement in kidnapping Lauren, but in the end he gained a good deal of credibility.

    I think the mistrust of Steve was not horrible in itself, but perhaps the choice to separate from him should have been expressed in the story under different circumstances, i.e. with the group under duress from some threat (they choose to ignore Steve's advice), or with them dropping Steve off at the airport or in the city while excluding him from their next plan. Leaving him by the highway just didn't seem immediately motivated or necessary.

    I also think, more generally, that this story arc seemed to lack resolutions. Carruthers was never encountered (just his workplace). None of the people trying to kill Jonas or the others has been eliminated, althought Salinas has been identified. Steve's conflict with Rupert had a continuation without resolution or new information. We did find out what the Michele Clore DVD was about, and that was cool. And the introduction of Salinas is interesting. But I think there is an overall sense that not much moved forward or changed much in any of the characters lives.

    Daniel still has a drinking problem. Jennie still likes Jonas, who has Bree issues. Charlie still likes Steve, who has Order issues.

    It probably would have been more satisfying to the audience to have Steve and Jonas accomplish something together despite Daniel's doubts, and then have Steve need to return to London for some other pressing reason, parting company with a handshake, and a sense of shared mission to 'fight the order.'

    Well, we will stay tuned to see the aftermath of these strange events...

  33. Maybe Sarah sold them out! I would think Jonas would figure this out before he thought about leaving Steve behind. After all none of them had much contact with the outside world except the person that left the house with someone affiliated with the Order.

  34. I think part of my problem is I've watched the character-development of Steve on KM...and it's been such a wonderful experience because that character has really grown, been fleshed out and has a lot of depth without pretending to be overly-intelligent (and I say this as a big Jennie fan).

    To me, Steve is one of the good guys, and after everything that he's been through to see that questioned and to see him calling the Hymn Of One has been somewhat confusing and out-of-character.

    I hope there is some sort of conclusionary video of explaining/making sense.


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