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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celestial Network Meeting

From Steve on Bebo: http://www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

The first meeting of the Celestial Network will be broadcast right here on Bebo next Thursday!

Celestial Network Manifesto

I thought it was about time that I clarified a few things about the Celestial Network.

The response already has been overwhelming and I want to provide an expression of what the Network is all about so that everyone can continue to spread the word.

The key concept underpinning the entire Network is that of love, and I'm delighted with how readily you have all embraced this notion. You have also shown a great willingness to engage in a new method of spiritual interaction: social network love. We truly are turning this social network into a spiritual network. We are witnessing a new dawn for human relationships.

With your help we can overcome outdated notions of love which are based on the flawed concept of the self.

We will become enlightened to the fact that we are all part of one cosmic unity, and that by opening ourselves up to love, we can become one with the life force of the entire universe.

For too long we have laboured under proscriptive notions of what it means to love - notions dictated to us by the powers that be and by religions like the Hymn of One.

Well, no more. The Network does not tell you how to love, it simply asks that you open your heart and connect with the cosmos. If you choose not to, fine. If you do, congratulations and welcome to the next phase of life in our universe.

Connect with me.......



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