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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Celestial Network - Steve (KM)

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The Celestial Network - Steve (KM) on LGPedia.

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From Wikipedia:

"The Celestial Kingdom

The celestial kingdom is the highest of three heavens or heavenly kingdoms. It is thought to be the "third heaven" referred to by the Apostle Paul in the King James Version of 2 Corinthians 12:2 and it is said by Latter-day Saints to correspond to the "celestial bodies" and "glory of the sun" mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15:40-41. The Latin word celestial means "heavenly"."


  1. Wow...this video is so much like Bree's HoO adverts. Steve has reached the epitome of creepy, and I'm finally sitting on the edge of my seat for the first time in a while.

    I love KM

  2. He's setting up another cult?? So does this mean he isn't gonna fight the order anymore? Strange video, don't know what to think about this.

  3. hehe, Steve really looks like a ghost with that glowing blue logo overlay ... I guess that bear did get him!

  4. check out bebo.com/stevebelieves

    His favorite films include Hannibal, Psycho, and Armageddon, and he puts "for fun" next to Armageddon, lol.

  5. Celestial Network logo looks a bit like the danger-hazmat symbol.

  6. Seriously, when he said he found his calling I yelled out "Again!?"
    But I'll connect with Steve any time ;]

  7. This reminds me of how the Moonies say "Blast with love" while playing dodgeball (the only game played by the Moonies).

  8. Reminds me a bit of:


  9. i'm so saddened for steve and on his side right now that i'm totally willing to connect with him. but what is that shape? those things that seem chained together? steve we need more information please

  10. MM-I don't think it's like the N3ural N3t, unless he uses it for some sort of resistance effort. But if he does that he'd be no better than the HOO by promising one thing and doing something completely different.

  11. Yea, that is a good point.

    It was just the electronic look and the use of the word network that I was going on.....but your point is well taken in terms of the goals of the organization.

  12. Am I the only one who thought he wasn't creepy, but sympathetic? He's been beaten down by life for so long that maybe he's turning his rage inside out and finding inner peace (or whatever).

    Did they make up that symbol, or is it taken from somewhere? Anyone know?

    I loved this f'n video. Best in months.

  13. I thought it was creepy >.< But that's just me.

  14. The shape of the symbol looks familiar but I cannot place it.


  15. the logo looks like one of thoose metal bits you have to hold together swings etc.

  16. Creepy is GOOD!

    I might get a Bebo just to connect with him.

    Hey, that's the best place to talk him out of his current funk, on his level. We should all try it.

  17. When I got part way through the video, the audio started to loop and I heard Steve talking over himself. Which was creepy.

    I really liked the video! I felt more sorry for him than anything... I don't think he'll go crazy or anything.

  18. The audio looped on me too, did'nt know if it was intetional or what. Totally confused me though.


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