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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Connect With This! - Gavin (KM)

Celestial Network? Pull the other one!

Gavin's reference to Steve's failed bromances is likely a reference to community member Milowent's recent video "Bromance", implying a budding romance between Jonas and Steve.

Connect With This! - Gavin (KM) on LGPedia.

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  1. wierd skip at 1:25, oh the technology of 2008.

  2. Haha...gotta love Gaving, even though he's a little mean sometime. This video cracks me up.


  3. Sarcastic Gavin, always ready to burn somebody to the ground. Jealousy can make you say stupid things.

  4. Woow. Gav is so bitter and jealous. He needs to get over himself. The Celestial Network is just like an online community type thing... There were def no connontations about getting laid... I seriously don't know where that came from and I found it personally insulting. Didn't think I could hate Gav more. But I do!

  5. Steve is a bit pious, but it seemed to me he is just looking for something untarnished. He's a bit of a zealot, but power and money don't seem to be his goals. But he may well be a nutter or have some secret agenda.

    I liked Gavin's use of the flashlight, the crappy looking trashbags, and duct tape.

    I wonder what bitter angry Gavin is up to these days?

    Steve will probably call on the Celestial Network to show love for Gavin, and help him find enlightenment, thus driving Gavin even more crazy. hehehe

  6. GAVIN IS A TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!
    LMAO luv it

  7. Trust Gavin to come out with some comedy value out of Steve's misery.

  8. If there is one thing that steve obviously is NOT that would be greedy. We've never even heard steve talk about money or having nice things etc so it seems weird to have that be such a huge premise..hmm


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