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Monday, May 5, 2008

Dubplate Drama 2 - 9-min mash up - DubplateDrama

Dubplate Drama is repeating on MTV Base every Monday at 11pm GMT.

There are a few KM faces in it... like the shadow and Dudley to name but two.

Dubplate Drama broke the mold, led the scene and made an impact that was felt around the world, get the DVD before it becomes a collectors only item.

All our thanks go out to all the fans out there who made it happen, for the Myspace love, keep it coming, for the words of support and for all the shout outs for Series 3.

Dubplate Drama, Peace and Love.

Buy it at Zavvi or get it for cheap at: www.sendit.com

Dubplate Pressure eventually became Dubplate Drama; Channel 4’s critically acclaimed interactive series which allowed viewers to influence the fate of the main characters via multiple platforms.

Duplate drama is produced by Louis Figgis, written/directed by Luke Hyams. The shadow is Mike GLC and Dudley is Liam Reilly.

Luke Hyams on LGPedia.

Louis Figgis on LGPedia.

Liam Reilly on LGPedia.

Mike_GLC on LGPedia.

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  1. I remeber when this was on, it really pissed me off, it was repeated like 10 times a day and I just generally found it boring :)

  2. Really? I rather enjoy the show. To each his own, I guess.

  3. i like it too!!

  4. Cool.

    Def very different from KM.

    Luke is very talented.


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