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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eye on LordGreystoke422

LordGreystoke422 is a fan of lonelygirl15 and cassieiswatching who has made a number of response videos following the series. He is the most prolific video responder, having well over fifty videos. Most of his videos take place within the Greater New Orleans area. They revolve around his pursuit by mysterious people which may or may not be related to OpAphid and the Order of Denderah. He has also been a rather prolific forum responder before his "ordeal" began. A Katrina survivor struggling along with the rest of the city, he sought some diversion in the Lonelygirl15 series. A few e-mails from a mysterious figure that he refers to as G-mail Frank quickly changed a simple diversion into an ordeal that utterly changed his life turning him into a fugitive. He is accompanied by his dog, Gabriel, which was found during his time hiding out. LordGreystoke422 has utilized a varied array of different gear and technologies in order to defend himself, remain connected, and to make his stay more comfortable despite the harsh conditions he is living in.

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LordGreystoke422 most recently visited the LG15 chat using the nick name "TheTraveler" until he finaly revealed his identity.


  1. That was a very understated summary of what happened, mm. :P

  2. Needs Moar Tin Foil

  3. UGH HE WAS SUPPOSED TO WAIT FOR ME! D: Dammit peoples! Annoying the stoke! Grrz

  4. haha. i KNEW it was him (well, i guessed), but i wasn't there for the reveal.


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