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Monday, May 5, 2008

Eye on Steve

Steven Roberts is a twenty-four year old, part time student from London. He's introduced as a mysterious friend of Kate's, whom she met at the library while searching for information on amnesia. He was an active member of the Hymn of One, but has since renounced his religion.

Truth and Secrets
Steve meets Kate at the library and claims to suffer from memory problems as well. He offers to help Kate regain her memories. However, Charlie thinks Steve's a creep and Tariq thinks he's lying just to put a move on Kate. Kate, on the other hand, can't understand why her friends don't like him.

During Charlie's party, Tariq sneaks into Steve's backpack and finds Hymn of One pamphlets inside. Tariq confronts Steve about this, but Steve claims he's not trying to push his religion on Kate and the matter is seperate from his wanting to help her. Steve is later seen running from Kate's doctor's murder scene. When Kate confronts Steve about it, he claims he had nothing to do with it. She doesn't believe him and knocks him out, gagging and tieing him to a chair. When Kate interrogates him, he admits he never had amnesia, instead, someone in the Hymn of One sent him to protect her. He used the amnesia to get her to trust him. When Kate accuses him of killing the doctor, he tells her he believes there's an unknown evil involved, although no one seems to believe him. Steve later threatens to press charges against Kate, but is talked down by Gavin. He says he still wants to help Kate despite everything.

Helping Charlie
In early October 2007, Charlie caught up with Steve to ask him for help in finding Kate. He tells her the Hymn of One had nothing to do with Kate's disappearance and he can't help Charlie because he's being promoted within the Hymn of One that day. He goes inside the meeting hall, leaving Charlie outside.

Steve later watches one of Charlie's videos and notices she's sick. He goes to her flat, bringing homemade soup. He tells her he can't get Kate off his mind, and he wants to help Charlie find her while also proving the Hymn of One had nothing to do with it. Although, later, Steve finds Michelle Clore's name on the Hymn of One registry and decides to expose her to protect the Hymn of One's name.

Steve leads Charlie and Tariq to the Watcher's van. He explains after he started looking into Michelle Clore, the van started following him. Tariq confronts the Watcher and steals the van. Steve takes over driving, with Charlie in the passenger side and Tariq in the back, trying to figure out what to do.

Three day later, they stop in the woods and try to make camp. But, instead, Steve and Tariq fight with each other. During the night, Steve takes off with the laptop and papers found in the van, shocked and angered by the fact he found the Watcher's picture linked to a Hymn of One symbol . When Charlie and Tariq confront him, he throws down the papers and laptop in anger and storms off. Later on, Steve sneaks to a convenience store. He buys some cigarettes, explaining that he quit when he entered the Hymn of One, but he's having a little trouble hearing his eternal song at that moment. On his way back to camp, he's attacked by Dudley and his father, Dr. Griffin.
After returning home, he tries to stop Kate from meeting with Charlie due to the fact the Doctor and his son are there. Even still, he's unable to stop Charlie from injecting Kate with the trait negative serum. Steve comforts Charlie when Kate runs away, leaving her behind. Later, Steve posts a blog saying he's going going back to the Hymn of One.

Finding Kate
Steve starts to text Charlie messages, and the two meet. He explains he was in the Hymn of One still so he could properly investigate. He then surprises Charlie by showing that he's kidnapped Kate away from Michelle Clore. He plays a video, taken by him, of Michelle Clore talking to an unknown person about Kate's trait positive levels. When Kate takes off again, Steve and Charlie go to Michelle Clore's house to find her. Michelle Clore warns Steve that eavesdropping wasn't a good idea. "You never know what could end up on your conscience."
Steve and Charlie briefly catch up with Kate again, but she manages to sneak off and run away. The next day, she posts a video explaining that she has found her purpose in life - to save other trait positive girls, and begs Charlie and Steve to discontinue their search for her. The two reluctantly agree to do so.

Trail of the Killer

After Kate's death, Steve visits Charlie's flat, not knowing where else to go. While there, he hears a radio broadcast about the Hymn of One and its alleged connected to the murder. Steve runs off to find an explanation. When Charlie confronts him about this later, he feverishly denies that the Hymn of One had anything to do with Kate's death. Police officers show up, and although he tries to run, he is arrested for suspicion of Kate's murder. He's released soon after, as there was no evidence against him.

Steve shows up at Kate's memorial, but ends up getting into a fight with Tariq, who also accuses him of killing Kate. A few days later, he approaches Charlie and asks her for her help investigating the murder, as he fears that the police "don't seem that interested in the case anymore." After a suggestion from Charlie, he decides to go to the last place Kate was seen alive, the cafe from her last blog. He goes in and negotiates the release of the surveillance tape of that day. While watching it, he notices Patricia Neilson talking to Kate before the two leave the cafe. He goes to find Patricia for answers.

When Patricia contacts Charlie, she says she'll meet with her, but not to bring Steve and Tariq. After watching the video, Steve and Tariq find Charlie while she's talking to Patricia. They get into a fight with one of the waiters, allowing Patricia to sneak away in the commotion.

Following the revelation of Patricia's information, Steve insists that the FTO are out to give the Hymn of One a bad name. He later meets up with his idol and author of Finding the One, Rupert Van Helden. Together with Rupert, Steve visits the FTO's headquarters, and exposes the organization as being fronted by Jeffrey, Dr. William Griffin's nephew.

Losing his Religion
In his next blog he is seen drinking and smoking again, angry that all he had was gone. Steve lashes out at Michelle Clore for accusing him of Kate's murder, angrily stating "Don't blame them; dump it on the screw-up". He was then approached by Terrence, now calling himself Terry, who talks about how the Hymn of One helped him and asks if Steve has ever heard of the religion.

Steve shows up at Charlie's doorstep in the middle of the night a few days later, banging on the door and asking for Charlie to talk with him. He declares he really did love Kate and has no one else to talk to who felt the same. Charlie, frightened at the situation, refuses to open the door. Though Charlie still has issues trusting him, Steve has maintained the hunt for Kate's killer, with Terry now in his confidence.

His latest lead for Kate's killer found him on the porch of Lauren, the sister of the latest abducted girl. Also trait positive, Lauren has refused to trust Steve or Terrence . . . quite simply, despite their pleas that Lauren is ill, she still sees them as nothing but "weirdos" and possible kidnappers. Though he responded trying to gain her trust, he only made matters worse when Lauren found Steve and Terrence alongside Charlie and Julia, thereby destroying Lauren's trust in the girls as well.

Unable to make her see reason, Terry convinces Steve to kidnap her to keep her safe. Steve becomes uneasy after the deed is done, and posts a video explaining his actions, and also expresses his disgust over Rupert's hypocrisy about his teachings of abstinence. He becomes so distressed that he begins smoking again.

Terrence uses Steve's distress to his advantage, and manages to convince Charlie and Gavin that Steve was the one who murdered Kate and kidnapped the girls, and that he was going to harm Lauren as well. However, they soon discover that Terrence was the actual culprit, and he reveals that he has tied up Lauren and Steve in the bunker. When he forces Steve to access his Bebo account and post the video, he overpowers Terrence and he and Lauren manage to escape. Once Lauren is safely outside, Steve and Charlie go back to exert revenge on Terrence for what he has done. Instead, they encounter a Watcher and Shadow who chase them around the bunker. In the pursuit, they discover the body of one of the girls Terrence murdered, and decide to leave the bunker.
Steve and Charlie go to Steve's apartment, where they confess their feelings for each other and become intimate. On her way home, Charlie is abducted by Terrence. When the community figures out where she was taken, Lee finds Gavin, Lauren, and Steve and convinces them to cooperate in order to save her. Upon arriving, they discover that Terrence has doused the house in gasoline, and that he was planning on setting it ablaze once they were inside. Steve confronts him, but Terrence is chased away by the Watcher and Shadow from earlier.
Gavin confronts Charlie about her relationship with Steve, and orders everyone to leave. Once outside, Steve tells Charlie that he can't be in a relationship until he does some soul searching, leaving her heartbroken. Days later, he goes to Rupert's lecture and accuses him of being an instrument of the Order.

Fighting the Order
Steve and Lauren team up in order to hinder the Order's activities in some fashion. They decide to aid a Los Angeles-based resistance movement's efforts to locate an Elder who killed their friend. One of their members, Jonas, arrived in London and shown around the city by Steve. Steve and Jonas began looking for Lord Carruthers, a man whom they believe is Bree's Elder. However, their search has less-than fruitful result, and Steve believes that Rupert has put a hit out on them.

However, they soon discover that Michelle Clore was the one who had put out a hit on them. In the DVD Charlie recovered from the bunker, Michelle, in Turkish, tells members of the Hymn of One that they will be rewarded if they kill any member of TAAG and provide proof. Steve accompanies Jonas to the airport, and Steve stops their driver (actually an Order Agent) from killing Jonas.

Steve accompanies Jonas back to LA, where his welcome is less than warm. Daniel accuses him of being the enemy, citing that he posted a video claiming that Bree's death was a hoax. Steve became very offended, and Gina becomes hostile towards him as well. As the discussion heated up, a van pulled up and began shooting at the group, injuring Steve. TAAG flee, leaving Steve behind, but call 911 and return to the scene to find him gone. Later, they wait for him outside the hospital, only to encounter the van once more. The group flees to the beach, where Steve thanks Jonas for coming back for him.

Later, when they find that the threats were ordered by a man running for congress, they decide to go to a fundraiser dressed as waiters in an attempt to kill or kidnap him. Steve was supposed to hit him with a bar, but hesitates, therefore letting the man escape. Everyone runs back to the car in order to escape Lucy and the bodyguard. In the car later they blame Steve for the shootings and the fact they were being followed and kick him out of the car. He is last seen on the side of the road.

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