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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eye on Tom Pettit

Tom Pettit is playwright and television writer from London, England who is currently writing for the lonelygirl15 web series. In 2005, Tom taught at the Global Media Adventures program.

The following year, he began writing for the television series "Cold Case" (CBS). His latest stage work, the libretto for the opera The Mortal Thoughts of Lady Macbeth, was chosen to be a part of the New York City Opera's 2008 Vox program.

Tom Pettit on LGPedia.

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  1. I refuse to believe that someone who has written for "Cold Case" could write something as terrible as "LG15" has been lately.

  2. I don't want to lump all negative anonymous posts in one group, but that is the danger of posting as 'anonymous' without any identifier to differentiate between posters.

    If you haven't noted them already, I have posted a couple of comments asking for a reduction of anonymous flaming comments with little substantive content / thoughtfulness. The previous comment complains without giving any specifics or offering any ideas the commenter thinks the writers might consider to improve things.

    My feeling is if you are going to be negative, the least you can do is put some thought into it.

    Don't be surprised if such anonymous comments disappear occasionally. Let's make this blog and it's comments worth reading.

  3. I have to say I am really looking forward to seeing how the writers get out of the current dilemma. There is nothing like a little pressure to bring out the creative side. This is an interactive medium so this is their chance to show us what they can do..........or maybe they are already way ahead of us? Either way it is going to be an exciting week.

  4. Modelmotion - I think you hit on the dilemma of trying to write/produce in an 'interactive' medium - there is always going to be a delay in how fast they can react, even if they want to. I had the impression that most of the crossover was written and produced as a block, with no chance to change course along the way.

  5. okay, here's a "substantive" comment: the show needs better writers. here's a "specific" as to how and fix said problem: hire better writers. 

    no more thought required 

a die-hard fan who prefers to remain...you guessed it...anonymous.

  6. Anonymous, you missed or chose to ignore the points I made in the second comment, and disrespected the rest of us in the process. I am only asking you and others to add substance to your criticisms in order to elevate the discussions on this blog, and to post as a 'named anonymous' in order to reduce the confusion that happens when we have multiple anonymous posters.

    You can still post anonymously in the sense that no one is going to be able to link your comments to you or your other online identities - but as a courtesy, regular commenters should pick a name to post under. It's inconsiderate to everyone else here not to, really, as it adds confusion. That's my opinion, of course.

    By abusing the anonymous option, which is there to encourage a variety of opinions especially from infrequent visitors (who may be discouraged by a forced registration process), you penalize us for enabling that option... something we would rather not remove.

    Posting as an unnamed anonymous also has the drawback of making it hard to evalulate the magnitude of the opinions, positive or negative, expressed. For instance, are one or two unhappy people posting many negative anonymous comments, or do these represent a much larger group? It's hard to tell. This ambiguity tends to devalue such comments.

    Something that has a name, any name, attached to it carries more weight, and facilitates discussion. If you want to disassociate yourself from your comments by being anonymous, please consider at least being a 'named anonymous.'


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