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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fanfic Revamp Stuck in Park

LGPedia Needs Your Help!
For those of who care to remember the drama that arose in January regarding the fanfic revamp, you probably couldn't care less about it now. Regardless, the Pedia needs your help now, more than ever. We are currently stuck in Phase Two of the revamping process.

"Why should I care?" you're probably asking yourself. We have several more interesting revamp plans for the series higher up in the scheme (The Flock, for instance, will be getting a complete facelift.) BUT these exciting new plans cannot proceed until the end of the revamp.

Helping is easy, and we at LGPedia would absolutely love any help you can give us. Currently, we need help expanding the information available for ApotheosisAZ, Dreams from the Breeniverse, HOOBS, and Xeniph. True to the fanfic revamp, we would like to keep these series to a single page, but as you can see, they are all severely lacking information.

Please help out if you can. Thanks, guys! (P.S. I'm going to give regular updates regarding the Pedia's goings-on now.) Be sure to check out other ways to help, as well.


  1. I'm going to see Jerry soon I'm sure so I'll see if he and I can take a crack at updating Dreams of the Breeniverse when we can.

  2. So...I ahve a question.

    There is no link to any FanFic guide really on the front page. And if there is one, it sure is hard to find.

    Where Fan Fics are SOOO important to the show...shouldn't there be one???

  3. *forgot to add....shouldn't there be one in a more obvious place

  4. The 'revamp' aims to 'clean up' the UGC related pages, and reduce chaos on the LGPedia. That sounds okay on first pass.

    But in my view it has emerged as a huge damper on encouraging any larger community involvement in contributing to the LGPedia.

    One example. The 'old version' of the "Dreams From The Breeniverse" page was a unique and attractive page Luminous put together and maintained for this unique series. You can view it here:


    Now it was a little out of date, since the series has additional videos since the last update, and it is not in a format that all series might choose to use, but so what? It was a great looking page that someone put a lot of time into creating.

    As a part of the 'revamp' this series has been labelled "tier 2" (the 'deserving of a single page, but don't put much content on it because we want to minimize information on the lgpedia' tier), and it has been replaced by this:


    (a slight upgrade from the placeholder page)

    I find this entire approach has the unfortunate effect of discouraging wider community involvement and contribution to the LGPedia.

    Maybe it's time to revamp the revamp before it squashes the life and fun and yes, the chaos, out of the LGPedia.

    Fight the Order.

    For further discussion see:


  5. apotheosisAZ needs no help. help needs him.

  6. I don't know what is really going on with this revamp, but I have been talking to a few people that are involved in the UGC stuff, who have stopped or slowed down with the LGpedia this year and the general feeling I get is that everyone is frustrated with the way things are going
    *note: I'm not complaining...i'm just being the middle man. Don't take your frustrations out on me*

    My personal feeling is that the LGPedia was originally created to be able to cleanly connect the LG Canon show with the UGC Shows, and unfortunately with the revamping of the site there seems to be a bit of lack with that. There seems to be a clearly designated line now (which there should be...but more discreet in my opinion where we are all supposed to be in this "reality"). It was brought to my attention last night with the lack of UGC on the front page, which didn't completely strike me as odd as this is the LGPedia not the UGCPedia (hint hint name for ugc list), until we went looking for at least a link to a page that would describe/list the "Tiers" (which is actually a whole other big Taboo amongst the UGC-ers I guess...which I really don't want to open that can of worms) that people show look to for more entertainment. There is a list of UGC-er's but it took some digging to find(it's within the explanation of the tier system, and because I had no idea what I was looking for and hadn't been in the LGPedia for months...it took me about 45 minutes to actually find the page. Think about how the newcomers would find that).

    I understand that the project is yet to be completed, I just feel that where the LGPedia was another method of connecting the series' together, something like a link to a UGC page/list would have been done first, with the big stuff. I might be wrong tho

  7. I just wanted to make sure it was clear that I am not talking about the individual show's main page, I'm talking about the first page that you get to when you first get into the LGPedia.

  8. There was a pretty extensive discussion on LGPedia before the revamp began and we covered that extensively. Personally I did not agree with all the "details" of the proposed changes, but the intent to create a better infrastructure was solid. Now the plan is being put into effect people are begining to see the implications of those discussions. I still think the long term goal is an important one but I also agree that we need to continuously monitor the implications of what appear to be "rational" choices. I think LGPedia would welcome all the feedback posted here but they have their own process for making decisions and it is important for everyone to participate in that process on LGPedia.

  9. As a personal note to a concern raised by Q, there is a link on the main page to the Fanfic listing on the Pedia's main page already. I do agree that it is small and hard to locate, and we were planning on proposing a redesign once we were done with the LG15 and KM portals that would address the issue.

    (Ideally, it would be linked in a box, similar to how both portals are currently.)

  10. Sorry, that was a reply to kts. :P Anyway, guys, we have been trying to alleviate a lot of the ill will toward the revamp, which is why we instituted the ability to suggest things for re-tiering. We really are not trying to discourage ANYONE from the Pedia, honest. We honestly loved the designs that existed. The problem was that some series that maybe had three videos and very little fanbase had been created to have MANY more pages than it needed.

    I have said this before, and I will say it again: WE WILL NEVER TRY TO DISCOURAGE EDITORS ON THE PEDIA, AND WE WISH TO ENCOURAGE YOUR CREATIVITY TO FLOURISH. That being said, there were several series that were fleshed out to the point of being silly.

    NOTE: PLEASE don't make this into a fight about the Pedia's processes; seriously. This post was meant to be a positive message on how we can get people involved in Pedia editing. If you have a problem with us, bring it to #recentchanges or something. Fighting in front of people who may actually be interested in the Pedia is, quite frankly, rude.

  11. It was a great post Shiori. Thanks.


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