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Saturday, May 3, 2008

A FAN'S view of the lg15/KM crossover...

"To me, this crossover was the perfect opportunity to bridge a gap in the community that exists between lonelygirl15 fans and KateModern fans."

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Greg said...
Great post, very interesting observation.

We did the cross over because we have amazingly talented producers, writers, and actors on both lonelygirl15 and KateModern.

Amanda, Luke, and Kelly talked about a cross over and all thought it would be a great idea for the communities to meet each other. They also thought it was a great idea for the different casts and crews to meet some of their new friends from across the world.

Luke, Tom and Amanda worked very hard writing the scripts and Kelly and Amanda worked tirelessly to produce a great series (along with all the other crew on each show - too many awesome people to mention by name). I literally mean tirelessly - Amanda went from Catalina, to London, to Los Angeles, to Las Vegas in three weeks!!!

We certainly didn't intend for the story to create any animosity between the two communities. In our minds, there is one community of LG15 fans around the world. Some of those fans might like lonelygirl15 more, or KateModern more, but they are not competing. They compliment each other within the greater LG15 Universe.

We will be doing more LG15 shows in the future and they are all meant to compliment each other, but be enjoyed individually. We didn't want people to have to watch two shows. If they did, awesome, we hope they enjoy them both!! But nobody has to watch two shows.

With the KateModern/lonelygirl15 cross over, we set out to create one AWESOME LG15 storyline over two weeks. We brought the two series's together for two weeks and then needed to separate them again. Our writers came up with a good story and we thought it was very cool. The end was not meant to make people choose sides, rather, it was meant to go back to two separate yet related series's.

Thanks so much for watching the shows and WRITING ABOUT THEM. It is awesome that you would take the time to think about our shows and the community, and then write a blog about them.

Very cool!



  1. I don't think its a question of how hard you work. That is a given. It is a question of real and honest emotional reactions to characters and the situations they are placed in. The writers have chosen their path. Let's just see how it plays out and how the characters resolve their issues.

    Clearly things have changed and possibly in unexpected ways. However, the benefit of the genre is that it is interactive and thats what makes it fun. The ball is now back in the writers court.

    It should be a very interesting week.

    Bring it!!!!!!

  2. Way for Greg to totally cheap-out by not responding to the comments of the viewers. They asked for our opinions and, according to what he wrote here, apparently ignored them all. Boo.

  3. newsflash, greg: your "AWESOME" and "very cool" storyline sucked. Get. New. Writers. When half of your community can write better scripts, and openly OFFER TO DO SO just to try and pull the series out of the crapper, it's a failing on YOUR part.

  4. To clarify:
    Greg wrote this comment as a response to my blog which was mostly commenting that the community is adamantly divided between KateModern fans and LG15 fans (and even moreso after Friday's X-over vid).
    He wasn't responding the the somewhat negative comments coming from fans on this blog about the writing of the crossover itself.

  5. Wow ...
    He's acting some clueless...

    No one is fighting with each other on who's series is better.
    No one pissed off at each other.
    No one is choosing sides.

    Everyone. As a Joint Lonelygirl15 world community. Thinks. The. Crossover. BLEW. Badly. Horribly. Rotted to the core. bad.

    Because you started a story line.
    A wonderful storyline.
    Went to London. Made it bloom. made it wonderful. Made it DEEP AND MEANINGFUL.

    THEN We turned it into classic clutter jumbled unrealistic mess.

    THEN YOU BURNT IT! You killed it! And took the characters along with it. You made EVERYONE (Not just the KM side) hate your characters. You made them into complete bumbling idiots. And you made them into hypocritical assjerks.

    Do people get it yet? This was the WORST turn Lonelygirl15 took. This cross over could have been so much better if they actually tried to do something in California, instead of taking that whole part ofthe story line and mkaing it be about Daniel being not trusting enough. I mean...I can't even remember what the real fr4eaking story line is about now because it was made into such a big deal. Daniel being a jerk that is.

    Were we seriously looking for an elder??? Holy Cow! I lost that in that freaking cluster...efff

  6. I actually liked almost all of the eps, especially those shot in the UK...

    As for the controversial last video: I thought it was great. I have had no affection for any of the LG characters in a long time and it's about time they were exposed for the selfish and inane people they really are. Gina seems to be the only character with any redeeming features, but she is curiously not allowed to have much of a role... Not sure how they plan to make the characters likable again (if they even plan to) but it ought to make it interesting to watch. Maybe they will let the female cast members (minus the hideous Sarah) rehabilitate the group.

    Best part of all of this: No boob zooms. Let the material (and acting) stand on it's own...

  7. Doesn't anyone see the possibility for Salinas to grab Steve? Jonas to want to attempt a rescue and Daniel opposed because it's an obvious trap?

  8. Killthesmiley said...
    Wow ...
    He's acting some clueless...

    No one is fighting with each other on who's series is better.
    No one pissed off at each other.
    No one is choosing sides.
    All due respect KTS, but you haven't been an IRC regular for some time now. There have been many a flame wars in IRC and the comment board over which series is better for some time. Sometimes they are friendly debates, but many times people have been driven out of the chat quite harshly.
    Also people DO choose KM over lg15; lg15 over KM. I can name at least two dozen people who are loyal to one series over the other.
    And given all the recent comments/suggestions people ARE pissed off at someone... the writing staff. Just read your own comment.

  9. Hope, I think you may have misunderstood what KTS was trying to say there... I think KTS was making those statements as a rewording of what Greg posted in response to your blog.

  10. Anonymous (third comment) - if you are going to use the blog as a place to attack the writers/producers so directly, please pick an ID of some kind to use rather than posting anonymously. It is not even necessary to sign in, just click Name/URL and fill in the blank.

  11. Notice Greg's mention of Las Vegas - was there a Vegas area video during the crossover ... or is this a spoiler alert!

    Maybe Steve is heading for a 'bender' before flying home to England. ;)

  12. "Amanda went from Catalina, to London, to Los Angeles, to Las Vegas in three weeks!!! "

    .....hummmmmmm very interesting.

  13. Caught that too. Vegas? Last time they were in Vegas...well, you know. =/

    Anyway, I loved your post hopeful. You should become a movie critic or something. You're very eloquent and fair in your critiques and praises.

    Furthermore, I really liked the first half of the crossover. The second week it just felt like not much happened except Daniel was a pissy bitch.

    I don't know, but personally the Salinas route was just kind of lame, in my opinion. I was under the impression that just ANYONE who wants to be an Elder would be out to get them all. Then suddenly it became this one guy who happens to be a giant cheeseball. I laughed when they showed his picture. Fake politicians are hard to pull off well, and...well I don't know if it was the storyline, the writing, or the actor himself...but it was just...lame. lol

    The thing with leaving Steve behind...I didn't think it was the writing that was bad. The acting was superb as well. Yousef is great at the anger thing haha. And Giles has so much talent in him i'm worried he'll explode.

    I was PISSED. I cried, for Steve. I connect with these characters. I felt betrayed by friends. I actually went to the forums and yelled at them. Like they were real people.

    If you ask me... creating that kind of true connection with characters... well that's some damn good writing.

    If this makes any sense, and I hope it does, I am furious IN GAME. But OUT OF GAME, I think the story has been on the ball all of this season.

  14. It's moments like this that I feel a bit guilty for writing negative comments. We know Amanda reads this sometimes, and her, Greg & Miles have fostered a very inclusive community. And yet, within that, their honesty encourges ours. And so I guess while me and a lot of others spewed venom all over the crossover, it's obvious we do that because we care so much for both shows.

    I really do think that these two shows are very good, very sound by the current standards of network television even. And I have no complaints regarding the craft of the episodes of the past two weeks - good direction, good acting, etc etc. I just (somewhat vehemently) disagreed with the story arc as it relates to the established personalities and general nature of the characters.

    ...It's hard to be a critic sometimes.

  15. I have been a fan of LG15 since day 1, when people just started debating whether Bree was a real or a fictional character. I've followed the show, KM and the community but never felt the need to contribute until now when I wanted to add in another vote for what a mess the crossover has become. The crossover wasn't as "AWESOME" as the creators think it was.

    I've followed both shows since their inception but now I think that it was just time wasted. If the goal was to get more people voicing their opinion then congrats, but you've lost a viewer.

  16. Thanks JALG!!! :)

    Raz said...
    "...And so I guess while me and a lot of others spewed venom all over the crossover, it's obvious we do that because we care so much for both shows."

    Well said! I think that while some of us bitch about things 24/7 with all things lg15... it's proof that we still continue to tune in! So obviously something is being done right! :)

  17. Yeah the Salinas thing was just stupid. First of all, what politician running for US Senator would send a video showing his face saying that he was basically gonna kill a bunch of kids to Daniel's laptop, knowing full well it would end up online? And then no one in LGland seemed to notice? And then his little charity fundraiser thing - WTF was that? His speech was corny and dumb, and even though he said he was at a fundraiser with "the richest men and women in the country" I believe it was, there was that stupid, drunken frat boy. How rich could he have been?

    Sorry but the crossover was just bad. Not nearly enough character interaction IMO. One character crossing shows does not a crossover make, IMO. And when the last episode came, nothing was resolved. NOTHING. There's still a hit out on them. Lord Carruthers is still out there. Maybe if we had gotten LG15 AND KM videos EACH DAY, the narrative would have actually MOVED and this s/l would have been resolved.
    Guess that would have taken too much effort.


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