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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Five's a Crowd - Steve (KM)

Steve says:
Anyone for pick and mix?

"The Waiting Room" (2007) stars Ralf Little as Stephen: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0902348

Official Website: thewaitingroomfilm.com - View trailer in Quicktime format

View Trailer in .wmv format

"Opens in UK cinemas from Friday June 6th"

Here is one review Eye For Film: The Waiting Room
"Plucky Anna (Anne-Marie Duff) is a single mum having a sneaky, fumbling affair with next door’s stay at home dad, Ghastly George (Rupert Graves) despite his wife Jem being Anna’s best friend. One day, by chance, Anna bumps into Caring Stephen (Ralf Little), while taking care of Daft Old’ Roger (Frank Finlay) who’s gone to meet his long-dead wife off the London train..."


  1. The Celestial Orgy... SIGN ME UP!!!

  2. Steve's the Mac-Daddy and a soon to be porn maker/star ?

    Hard choice, Meryl or Charlie ?

  3. Oh my, Steve is becoming a player! This looks more and more like some sort of orgy thing. Meryl is in Steve's harem now xD

  4. After that ominous warning at the beginning, all I could think of during Steves "blah, blah, celestial, blah, love, together, blah" was ... where are the Skittles? when will they appear? aaiieeeeeeeeeee (eek)

    Skittles scare me now, thanks to Kate Modern.

  5. Added screen capture of "The Waiting Room" poster starring Ralf Little!

  6. whatwhatwhat? wtf was that? When he said free love, I didn't realize he meant free sexy-love!!! ARRRGGGH! Steve the weirdo orgy master. Yuck...

  7. That's what he means when he says share the love. :O


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