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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girl Grown Up - Emma (LG15)

It's so good to be back. And I'm ready to fight too. - Emma

Music: Artist:Arthur Yoria
Track: Handshake Smiles


Emma: Well, I escaped through a trap door in the back. An emergency exit. But, I just can't seem to figure out who killed her. I mean, The Order? It would make sense why they weren't shooting at me because I'm trait positive. But if it was the Order then why would they kill the head of Verdus Pharmaceuticals? You know? It just doesn't add up.

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  1. 1) guitar is out of tune
    2) OMFG that was SOOOO carl!!!!

  2. She's not dead!!! It was just a flesh wound!!!

    And yeah... that was Daniel's friend from the ninja video for DelMundo's class.

  3. I like that they let Emma grow up a bit, more of the actress herself is showing through.

  4. Its a bit wierd to me, she looked and acted just months ago like a young teenager, now she looks and acts like the actres's age...

  5. Gina's (adoptive) mother who she barely has had a chance to get to know was just brutally murdered, and she is smiling from ear to ear watching the reunion with Emma... hmmmmm (e.g. at 0:40 sec)

  6. Katherine comes across as very comfortable and watchable in this video - great to see more Emma!

  7. it was MASON! :P We can only dream...

  8. I wonder if Lexi/Sarah did the make up for that?

  9. I agree with EMIB - Emma needed to grow up a bit.

  10. qthec:

    I wouldn't say that Elizabeth was Gina's aoptive mother, regardless they weren't that close because Gina can't remember her past.

  11. Q, Elizabeth was not Gina's adoptive mother. Just Bree's.

  12. The shooter was a woman, it seems like a woman.


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