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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn Rubenstein, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn has been reading about " Ice Cube and Mack 10 - Should I Stay Or Should I Go" and decided to check it out. Glenn had more love for Ice Cube back in the day. He has become the epitome of selling out and crossing over. Glenn likes him as an actor, but all his music since "Lethal Injection", with few exceptions, has not been good. Ice Cube was hard core and then completely sold out to the "man" He was raw and angry and incredibly talented. Let us all try not to repeat the mistakes of Ice Cube.

In two dozen songs Ice Cube has mentioned a fear of a girl coming back to him and telling him the baby is his. Is he trying to tell us something?

The first concert Glenn went to was Ice T (Ice T and Body Count) and Glenn got to do an interview with him when he was 16. Glenn remembers the original line up of 2 Live Crew. Glenn auditioned for Rock & Roll Jeopardy!.

Glenn talked about how words that express racial stereotypes can become main stream over time. He used the word "gyped" as an example because he believes it originated from the word Gypsies. You also have to consider the intent behind stereotypes. Some are intended to hurt where as some are more like "observations".

Lately Glenn has been listening to a lot of episodes of Loveline from 1999. In a way it is timeless, but a few things do make you feel old. Glenn referenced " Moby" as an example and played "Moby - Bodyrock".

You really only need one Ice T song and it may as well be " New Jack Hustler". It is basically a mix of "O.G." and " Colors". "O.G." is the upside and "Colors" is the downside.

Glenn saw Insane Clown Posse (ICP) live in 1996 in Detroit. They had some cool album covers. It was very novel as far as hip hop goes.

When Game Spot launched they did a press tour in December. They flew to Minnesota. The world was supposed to end when they releasted the 6th joker card. The saga started in 1991. The 6th was released in 2003. The "dark carnival" is all about God. Killing people, random sex, etc and it all comes back to God? If they had come up with something original it would have taken a long time to explain, so Glenn thinks they just went with the easiest explanation.

The tour was going through the midwest. ICP had their marketing down. The venue in Detroit was packed. ICP threw bottles of a Faygo out on the audience. About 1200 people were in clown make up. Glenn is pretty sure that they lip sync live but the show was a spectacle.

Kiss was more performance than song writing. It is not always about the quality of the music. Glenn then played "KISS - Heaven`s On Fire". It is what it is. What does "paint the sky with desire mean"? Lyrics is not really what Kiss does best. Blowing things up, yes, they do that well. Think about the similarities between Kiss and ICP. Makeup, spectacle and merchandise..........and the music comes in 4th on the list.

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  1. If you really want to dig into this article make sure you read all the Wikipedia articles for the full background story. Glenn's show makes a great exploration of pop-culture but if you really want to dive into thinks the Wiki pages make a great supplement.


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