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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Greeley mom broadcasts her own show from her bedroom

""What is cool, each DJ, everyone, has their own eccentric music taste," she said."


Romy will be one of the DJs at the upcoming IRC PROM on May 17:

Prom Night 2008: The Ceremony: Be Part Of Something



  1. What a fantastic promo for BreeFM!
    Kudos Romy!

  2. Congrats Romy. It has been interesting to see the myriad of ways people make use of the internet to connect, entertain, and share culture.

  3. Very nice. Congratulations, Romy!

  4. Great article! Congrats Romy!

  5. wow. that's impressive.

    thank god mic changed the name to breefm early on, because it really is a name that doesn't require people to understand the lg15 origins. it just sounds cool -- "BreeFM", i could see a bumper sticker saying that.

    congrats on the article romy.


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