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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"I don't think we had a choice" ~ Jonas

From "We Will Fight"

Jonas: We're tired of being hunted. Our minds are fried from running. Yeah, and I do, I feel bad about what we did to Steve, but I don't think we had a choice. I mean, he seemed like a good guy, but the minute we met, things got out of control. I mean, first, (Cut to clips from Outta Here.) I was shot at in London. Second, (Cut to clips from Crazy Border Crossing!!.) we were all shot at when he came back with me. And third- (Cut to clips from Hot Tacos.) Third, he'd been calling the Hymn. Fourth, (Cut to clips from Politics Gone Wild!.) he messed up our only chance to nab Salinas. I mean, come on. Is that an honest mistake, or is that the appearance of an honest mistake? You know? It's just- It's a lot of evidence against him. And besides, he was only two weeks out of the Hymn of One. Two weeks! The truth is...
(Cut to Jonas sitting in a café.)
Ever since I met Steve, it's been a total disaster. Thank god he didn't see where we lived, and, hopefully... Hopefully that means Salinas doesn't know where we live, either. You know, I think that if he did, he might have got to one of them while I was gone.
(Jonas pans the camera to show Gina, Jennie, and Daniel sitting around the table, eating. Turns the camera back on himself.)

So we're going home. We've made a choice, we just figure home is the safest place right now.

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Did they have a choice?


  1. I noticed that Jonas appeared to pick up the metal bar after Steve dropped it. Why did Jonas not kill Salinas. In fact why have Steve do it in the first place. And then Jonas appears to run off with the weapon but he does not have it by the time he reaches the car.

    Something does not add up here.

  2. Well, as often happens, there are lots of questions to ask if you get right down to it. For instance...

    Why is DB making a video at the time they are trying to grab Salinas, and why didn't Jonas or Daniel block the door once they had him alone outside?

    It was also weird how long they stood there listening to Salinas talk on the phone, and very strange that Salinas did not even glance at them as they came outside. Jonas is just standing there staring at him for a couple of seconds and Salinas never looks at him until he hangs up.

    Also, what was their plan if Steve had brained him with the tire iron? Were they expecting it to be a deadly blow or were they planning to try to drag an inert Salinas away before security could catch them?

    Why didn't they bring Jonas' gun?

  3. Hmmm, on rewatching, maybe Jonas was supposed to guard the door while Steve knocked Salinas unconcious, but when Steve dropped the tire iron, Jonas moved out of position to pick it up, but before he could return to Salinas, the security guard was on his way.

    Unless Nikki B. was in on some scheme to foil the plan, it looks like bad luck, as well as a case of nerves on Steve's part - quite understandable since he is not a violent thug.

    MM is right that Jonas picks up the bar and then does not have it at the car - but that's probably just a continuity error.


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