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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jessica Rose dropped into PromNight2008

Jess Rose:

Hello everyone! sorry I am so late! I have just gotten home!
I'm good how are you all??
haha yes my friend courtney from NZ haa
thanks P.J
aww dont worry you ill see me in some stuff soon!!! :)
haahah a ZOMBIE???
oh boy!
I would come back temporarily probably but i can't come back for good so it wouldnt be fair!
btw Im not saying I AM coming back temporarily I am just saying it wouldnt make sense! :P
aka yusef
he is the nicest person ever
yea I do i actually moved into an apartment 2 doors down from where jackson used to live
hhahahhah hilarious
hes a fab kisser ;)
Im guna call him riht now and tell him to come online althouh knowing him he is probably at the gym or an acting class.. or thinking about going to the gym or acting class... ;)
yea sometimes but I have NO idea what is going on
Im really close with lexie so i check it out every now and then
omg who spiked my punch!!!!!
oh geez
if only i knw how to activate my webcam on my mac life would be easy lol
aww becksters
so how is eeryone likin the show at the moment?
i lve my mac
my mom has cancer? (that was from bree.. in my head she is still alive :P)
wow way to break it to me gently guys.. my whole family is dead including me.... that was also from bree in my head lol
oh yea i do have a sister
ohh chelsey and i are dancing.... im a huge nerd
omgoodness its getting a little rowdy in here hahha
oh we get to make up our own prom dress? mine is a chiffon canary yellow strapless dress scrunched at the bodice and flowy the rest.. to me ankles :P
omg im hyper tonight
too many hot dogs at the bbq
is caravelle436 in here at the moment? he was the one who told me to come and i dont even think he is here!
omg that is so vile
so has this been going on all day long?
its neat to see how many friendships have been created via lg15!

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