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Monday, May 26, 2008

Jessica Rose in PERFECT SPORT, now streaming online

is this tachyon's camp?

In follow-up to information posted last week with updates from Jessica Rose's myspace, the indie feature film with Jessica Rose, "Perfect Sport" in now streaming in its entirety online.

You do have to go through a registration (and install something called "Gridcast" to watch it if you don't have it, I guess), but its there! Jessica filmed this during a break from Lonelygirl15 in February(?) 2007.

If you register and vote for Perfect Sport, you will increase the chance that it becomes a feature film at this year's Seattle International Film Festival.


Director: Anthony O’Brien
Producer: Dion Emery, Mark Sayre, Zach Mann, Chai Mann, Anthony O’Brien
Screenwriter: Mark Harley, Anthony O’Brien
Cinematography: Rick Taylor
Editor: Robby Stambler, Anthony O’Brien
Music: Tim Borquez
Cast: Anthony O’Brien, Gary Hudson, Jessica Lee Rose, Stella Keitel
Running Time: 86 minutes


  1. The film was good - much better than the earlier trailer/preview that was released awhile ago - epecially the somewhat manic speeches of the assistant coach.

    I was surprised, however, when Jonas (kid running the house with no parents around, and taking care of Bree) used steroids - seemed a little out of character. Daniel, maybe I could see, but Mr. healthnut Jonas?

  2. In the Shorts category, check out the "Woodsman 3 Hot Fighting" - the kung-fu animation is pretty fun.

  3. i agree, qthec, it was better than i thought it would be. the asst coach was an excellent actor.

    i don't remember bree ever working at a strip club though :-)

  4. I don't get it, he killed the guy? That doesn't seem very noble... I never expected that ending though. Thought the guy would just die of cancer or whatever.

  5. SPOILERS (this comment and comment above).

    I think the guy killed himself, but its open to debate.

  6. I really liked the movie, I thought it would be a typical high school movie ut it really surprised me in a good way. The coach was interesting as a character. The end was a little weird though, but the coach must have killed himself like milo said.


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