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Monday, May 12, 2008

KateModern comes to a close

The beginning of the end…

Hi everyone,

After a year of amazing videos, fan interaction, live events and innovative story-telling, the KateModern online series will be coming to an end on the 28th of June.

Telling this story has been so much fun and although it will be sad to say goodbye to Charlie, Gavin, Steve, Julia, Lee, Lauren and Sophie, we all feel proud to have created a show that has definitely earned its place in TV and internet history.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Our online audience is so incredibly reactive and encouraging and as a production team we feel really privileged to have so much interaction and feedback.

We have some very special plans for the final weeks of the story, but in true KateModern style, you’ll just have to stay locked on to see how things unfold…

Hopefully I’ll see you all at Rupert and Julia’s wedding this weekend? I have a funny feeling about that guy…

Thank you all

Luke Hyams and the KateModern production team

The LG15 universe continues on LG15.com where you can follow the story of lonelygirl15, KateModern’s sister show in the US. Additionally, the creators of KateModern have launched a social entertainment company, EQAL (pronounced ‘Equal’) www.eqal.com, and we’ll be producing new interactive shows in the US, UK, and around the world (even some more stories involving the Order…).


  1. Damn you beat me to the post lol.

    I'm gonna miss finale week :(

  2. NO!!!!
    What a crappy way to wake up.
    I guess it's better to end too soon than to go on too long I guess. But this show is so good. I'm so sad to see it go.

  3. I cant help but feel its a bit of a cop out.

    They are scared of becoming LG15 repetitive badness and dont want to attempt to do anything different.

    Ending a show with many unanswered questions is always a bad idea unless its questions that make you think, which KM's are not.

  4. NOOO!! I love KateModern, how can they do this?? I'm shocked by this, I can't believe it!

    I hope the unanswered questions about Kate's nightmares and past will be answered, but I have the feeling they won't do that and just leave it up to our imagination. This sucks!!

  5. This is such bull shit!

    They have one series that is amazing and one series that blows......and they chose to end the series that is amazing?!?!?!?!

    I can't even believe they are doing this.

    Greg and Amanda,
    You are making stupid choices. You have let your primary product slip to being at an extremely low level of story telling. Your secondary product, that being Kate Modern, was a fantastic show with a very dedicated following and a far superior writing staff. Chosing to end this venture in favor of maintaining that of LG15 is a bad choice. You are hurting your audience, which will hurt your bottom line. Cut the shit. Read the comments. Understand where your strengths are. Your dropping the ball and isolating your audience.

  6. UGH

    This is the beginning of the COMPLETE end ... I can feel it

  7. Oh no! I loved Kate Modern, I'm so depressed now.

    And guys, what the hell? You don't know Greg or Amanda so don't pretend that you know everything that's going on. Because I'm fairly sure that the decision wasn't fully Greg's and it certainly wasn't Amanda's.

    Kate Modern's production team has always known best, I'm sure there's a reason for doing this too. Personally? I think that Tara's lack of appearance in the series lately reminds me of when Jessica Lee Rose started appearing less and less and do you all remember how that ended up? Rather than contiue a show without the main chatacter I think they're learning from their mistakes and pulling the plug for everything so it ends on a good note.

    That's just my two cents. It's business, and we're all sad to see it go. But don't take it out on anyone because this isn't anyone's fault. Series grow, they end, it's nothing personal.

  8. I don't really know what to say except "bullshit". I'm angry and sad.

    Seriously, what a crock.

  9. Absurd.

    EQAL just needs to SUCK LESS.

  10. Oh, I'm sure the meta is the reason for all of this. Let's get sleuthing!

  11. KM is a joint venture with bebo. have you see a lot of product placement in season two? i am sure that they would have loved to continue the show, but it wasn't up to EQAL to decide whether it would continue

  12. I think its just business. They've apparently got new stuff to focus on.

  13. I would look on the bright side: We now have a group of folks who know how to do this kind of thing and can seek their own funding. Independent of the notCreatives and their inane LG15 storyline.

  14. If it was Bebo that pulled the trigger, then AOL HAS DONE IT AGAIN!! THEY CURSE EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH.

  15. Maybe the creators can't stand it that KateModern is more popular and way better then lg15??

  16. Are you serious? This is getting ridiculous.

  17. Seriously people calm down. All good things must come to an end. Setting an end date for Lost was the best thing that has happened to the show in a long time. Harry potter ended, but the world still goes round.

    I love KateModern, don't get me wrong, but I understand that these productions are costly and finacial reasons probably have something to do with this. Just appreciate the series while you have it and enjoy the last couple of months.


  18. After sitting on this news for a couple minutes and calming down...

    I am happy. I am happy that KateModern is going to end on top of its game. I am happy that its going to end with me still thinking it was the best thing that ever happened for online videos. I am happy that I was able to view such an amazing show since day one and laugh and almost cry (if I had a soul). I am happy that this won't be drawn out another year becoming the same boring repetitive junk that lg15 became (ok so maybe I'm a little angry). I am happy and I am thankful. We were part of something FANTASTIC here folks.

    I am happy and I am thankful to the KateModern team for making the best online show.

  19. cassi, EQAL just got $5 million in funding.

    Now make sense of this.

  20. The reality is that if KM cannot make it as a commercial product what hope is there for the rest of the genre.

  21. PJ Katemodern already lost it's main character Kate at the end of the first series / beginning of second series.

    But yes you do raise a good point, we have seen less of Tara and also less of Ralph Little as well. Perhaps some of the Katemodern actors are too busy with other projects to continue.

    All i hope is that we see Lauren in another EQUAL interactive show set in the UK. Terrance is still out there, Lauren still wants to fight the order. I hope we have a spin-off of Katemodern with some of the characters, it would be great.

  22. Tariq is in India.
    Charlie is from Oz.

    Didn't the C's talk about a spinoff in another country??? One can hope...

  23. This news surprised me, but obviously we do not have (and will likely never have) many of the business reasons behind this decision.

    It probably has to do with sponsors, viewers, contracts, and the agreement between the original LG15 creators and Bebo that started Kate Modern vs. the business plans of EQAL.

    My first reaction is that it is surprising to cancel a series that has a fan base and has established a relationship with some big sponsors. That's a huge investment in time and effort to walk away from, and surely has value, even if it needs to be scaled down or something. But that doesn't quite make sense to me since EQAL has funding and Bebo did well getting sponsors for the show.

    But whatever the details, surely the original U.S. LG15 creators now have good relations with the KM production team staff, and the note does seem to hint at future collaborations. "we’ll be producing new interactive shows in the US, UK, and around the world."

    So my best guess is we have more, not less, to look forward to from all the LG15 and KM producers, and this is about doing it under the EQAL logo, in an AOL free zone. Unfortunately, that may mean they have to throw the Bebo out with the bath water.

    A great move would be to announce a new show with some of the same actors as KM winds down.

  24. It was because the bear ate Steve.....but shhhhhhhh....that is top secret.

  25. I suspect this decision was made some time ago and possibly before the AOL/BEBO deal.

    AOL is actually pretty video friendly and I fail to see what they would gain by killing off KM......in fact it would seem to decrease the value of the property they just purchased.

  26. You know, this decision to end KM does bring up some fun possibilities for the writers...

  27. This is fkn lame c's, thats all I have to say.


    Maybe some of the KM writers will jump boat and resurrect LG15 to its former glory!!! HINT HINT HINT HINT WINK WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE NUDGE

  29. SO disappointed.

    Bull. Seriously.


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