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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

'Lonelygirl15' creators get cozy with CBS

"EQAL, the production company that created the Internet sensation, has closed a multifaceted deal with CBS that will either supplement existing Eye programs with online extensions or potentially yield new multiplatform programs."


CBS and EQAL Team Up for First-of-Its-Kind Partnership to Create Integrated TV and Online Shows

"Under the terms of the partnership, EQAL will work closely with CBS television writers at the script and production level to write, produce and direct online narratives that tie directly into the television series and promote the network telecasts"


"EQAL will also build and provide the entire technology infrastructure to host the online show components."
CBS Will Lonelygirlize its TV Shows
"Wow, just when we question those EQAL guys’ reasoning for doing something dumb by pulling a hit series, they show they have something much more interesting up their sleeves"

CBS Strikes Deal with lonelygirl15 Creators

He continued, “The extended narratives online will give fans and viewers the opportunity for a whole new level of engagement both in between airings of the TV episodes and as stand-alone plot lines.”


EQAL on LGPedia.

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  1. That's not just a home run, it's a grand slam. Congrats C's!

  2. DARN IT, i guessed ABC in the april's fool joke.

    i look forward to reading up on this, sounds promising.

  3. Does this mean the deal with Zac fell through?

  4. How can we work Meryl into a CBS show?


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