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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mom in Web bullying case turns grief into activism

"Her suicide came soon after she received mean messages through the MySpace social networking Web site."


"Earlier this month, a federal grand jury indicted 49-year-old Lori Drew, a neighbor of Megan and her family. She is accused of one count of conspiracy and three counts of accessing protected computers without authorization to get information used to inflict emotional distress."


  1. This just shows you that you need to be just as careful about making threats etc on the internet as in the offline world.

  2. I think its kinda stupid the amount of reporting going on about internet bullying, its no different from any other bullying thats been aorund for years and years, I dont remeber any bullys from my school days being taken to court. Its all just propagana to make people think the internet is bad, and the "general public" seem to be so thick that (although ive not met anyone that thick so I dont know who theese General Public are) they belive this shite.


    aye :)

  3. Maybe, but it's a little bit of a different situation when an adult gets involved in the bullying of a child. It was a PARENT who had a child of her own. I just think the situation was absolutely absurd.

  4. But its still a big media hop onto the whole internet thing that annoys me.

    Regardless of anything that happens, blaming the internet in any way is a cop out, theese things happen before it and they will always happen after it.

  5. There are two aspects to this case.

    1. The actual events themself which ended in a suicide and that is why it got so much media attention.

    2. The way in which a federal statute is being used to create a case. It is the "computer hacking" that opened up the "crime" to prosecution. The "normal authorities" could not find a crime that had been committed so they went after her using "computer hacking" because she created a "fake" MySpace account.

    The internet has opened up some new avenues of social manipulation but it is really the legal argument that is being used here that will make this a test case in terms of the USA legal system. I would not be surprised to see it end up in the Supreme Court on appeal if it goes that far.

  6. I do love that making fake myspaces qualifies as hacking.

    I must be a FBI standard cracker if thats hacking :)

  7. What made it hacking was the violation of MySpace TOS. And yea, they are really reaching with this one and that is why I think it may end up at the Supreme Court. I mean think about it. What if someone does harm to themself because they are upset over something a KM character does. Should Eqal be held responsible because they violated Bebo TOS in creating a fake identity?

  8. *sigh* I miss me some tar n feathers


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