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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Naked Truth - Steve (KM)

Steve said...

The first meeting of the Celestial Network didn't quite go as planned.

The Naked Truth - Steve (KM) on LGPedia.

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  1. Remember Steve:


    ....it all begins with dodge ball.....

  2. 1. Meryl looked so incredibly uncomfortable.
    2. What's Jeremy's deal? Does he work for bebo?!
    3. Why wasn't the guy in the blue shirt freaked out by Gavin's outburst?
    4. Cosmic gangbang! HA!

  3. 5. Steve's tie was way too short. He looked like a doofus. (Though the tie wasn't the only reason, heh)

  4. Did Steve insinuate that monogamy and marriage are failed institutions imposed on the masses????

    **signs up for the Celestial Network**

  5. ahahahahaha cosmic gang bang

    meryl always looks so miserable. even at the wedding.

  6. All the apperances of Meryl are surely the sign of Meryl-Modern on its way

  7. (Meryl enters, frowning)
    (Meryl sits, frowning)

    ... and the Meryl fans go wild!

    As I was watching Steve give his speech, I kept feeling a bit sorry for the other guys on his soccer team.

  8. Maybe Steve works for bebo...

  9. didn't anticipate the cartesian and lacanian undertones! very metaphysical/ontological but interesting nonetheless.

    i guess km has always been the "intellectual" cousin to lg15... i should've known as soon as they posted that video about derrida.

    as long as they stick to post-structuralism i'm ok. philosophy is phun!

  10. Cosmic gang-bang. Gavin does come up with some crazy ideas.


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