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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New ARG for LOST?


It looks as though this latest ARG will begin with a live-event July 24-27 in San Diego, California. It appears that the DHARMA Initiative is alive and well (in our world). It is unknown whether this will pick up where the last ARG left off (Rachel Blake's story), or if it is a new ARG completely.

NOTE: This live-event coincides with the date & location of Comic Con 2008.


  1. For those interested in LOST discussions and the args related to LOST, there are many forums, but one of the best is thefuselage.com

    The section for "The Lost Experience", "Find 815" and I'm sure this new ARG is here:


  2. There may be a code in the first letters of the occupations listed in the video. See discussion at the link I posted in the comment above.


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