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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Web Series: Foreign Body

With lonelygirl15 on an apparent break this week, I figured I would mention that an interesting new webseries debuted this week.

Promo Teaser for Foreign Body

Called Foreign Body, its from Big Fantastic, the creators of Prom Queen and Sam Has 7 Friends. It is produced by Vuguru, the Michael Eisner venture behind both Prom Queen and The All For Nots.

The show is set to be a 50 episode "thriller." It started earlier this week, and will post daily 2-minute episodes Monday-Friday through August 4. The gimmick (which gets its press) is that its a tie-in and video prequel for the upcoming Robin Cook novel of the same title, which will be released the day after the finale. So, in a sense its a much more elaborate version of Watchyourjack, but the promo tie is not hidden.

The basic plot? As newteevee.com summarizes: it: "The story is an “exotic thriller” centered around medical tourism in India, focusing on “a group of dangerous Indian beauties” whose nursing skills will be put to some nefarious use."

I've watched the first two episodes, and it seems to have the same fast-paced action as Prom Queen and Sam Has 7 Friends, but with a bigger budget. I think it would be fun to watch, especially as part of a group who can enjoy discussing it together.

Foreignbody.tv: official site and forums, etc.

Foreign Body subforum at Anchor Cove


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Milo. I absolutely *loved* Samhas7friends (which I thought was supposed to come back, since they posted that amazing trailer for season 2... wtf happened?), and Prom Queen, and I didn't know about this, so I'm glad that I do now.

    Hooray for more webshows!

  2. thanks anonymous. i hope you participate in the forums for the show!

    as for sam has 7 friends, vuguru and michael eisner bought the rights to the show. i saw some references long ago to eisner's desire to continue it someday if possible, but i haven't seen anything concrete on that. vuguru.com says something about "coming soon," (season 1 again?) but who knows. its ridiculous that we never got to know who killed sam.


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