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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nominations Update for The Ceremony's Royal Court

OK to clarify somethings that were left unmentioned
Here is an example of the Best way to send in a Nomination:

Screenname- Community Name

King- Full SCreename (Over 18)
Queen- Full Screename (Over 18 )

Prince -Full SCreename (Under 18)
Princess - Full Screename (Under 18)

If you could please send them in to [email protected] in that format it would be GREAT!!!

The top 4 Names in each catagory will be put into polls for voting .

Thanks Bunchs Peeps! Prom is going to be an event you would not want to miss, because we are going to be talking about it for months.

History is to be made!!!!


For more information on the community run IRC Prom to be held on May 17 see: http://promnight2008.blogspot.com

The Ceremony : Be Part Of Something


  1. For someone who's not from the States/Canada and has little knowledge of what a prom entails, can someone tell me whether there's a difference betweeen King/Queen and Prince/Princess? Is it like... the winners and the runners-up? Do you just nominate whoever you like, or do these people have to be "going" to the prom together?

    *doesn't really get it*

  2. From what I understand, King/Queen is limited to those over 18 and Prince/Princess is for people under 18.

    Am I correct?

  3. Jenni, you are correct. I shall ammend the blogs to read the correct information so that there may not be any further confusion ..

    We need more Princes' by the way !!!!

  4. Also the people do not by any means have to go to prom together.

  5. Damn I'm 19, and princess is so much prettier than queen. (note that i'm really just kidding..)

    Is there going to be a royal dance? hahaha


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