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Saturday, May 17, 2008


The prom DJs are asking LG15 Trivia questions.

Trivia Rules:
A series of questions will be asked during the course of the day. PM your answers to DJPerks/Perky^ in IRC or email them to [email protected] within 5 minutes of the question being asked, and the fan with the most correct answers when Prom Court is announced wins a prize!

Trivia Question 1: What is the name of Bree's religion?

Trivia Question 2: Who informed Bree that she had been chosen to participate in the Ceremony?

Trivia Question 3: In which video was "Cassie" first mentioned by Bree?

Trivia Question 4: Name the convenience store that Daniel worked at before going on the run with Bree.

Trivia Question 5: Which fan was chosen to help decide if Bree and Daniel should go stay with Jonas?

Trivia Question 6: What does "PSW" stand for?

Trivia Question 7: What is the name of the show hosted by Miles and Greg on NowLive?

Trivia Question 8: What company does Spencer Gilman work for?

Trivia Question 9: Who did Daniel challenge to remake the "Grillz" video?

Trivia Question 10: What was the date that Bree sacrificed her own life to save her friends?

Trivia Question 11: Who sent Bree's P-Monkey email to LaRezisto?

Trivia Question 12: What was the original working title for the Lonelygirl15 series?

Trivia Question 13: What is the name of the park where the drop from the CassieIsWatching video "When I get to the Bottom Where I stop" was found?

Trivia Question 14: Who was the "mole"?

Trivia Question 15: Name any two characters who have heard their "Eternal Song".

Trivia Question 16: What type of bushes were Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott doing a report on?

Trivia Question 17: What was Tachyon's primary means of communication with Brother and drop recipients?

Trivia Question 18: Two similar fanfic series appeared in late-2006 based on that girl Cassie.

Trivia Question 19: What was the first piece of science that Bree "proved wrong"?

Trivia Question 20: Bree gave a shoutout to another youtube subscriber in her "Dorkiness Prevails" video. Who was it?

Join the chat and play LG15 Trivia

1 comment:

  1. 1: LonelyCrack
    2: Ed McMahon
    3: Never, if you listen carefully she said "Lassie". She wanted to know why the TV show was canceled.
    4. Kwik-E-Mart, his boss's name is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
    5. Holly


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