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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Primrose Hill - Lauren (KM)

I went to meet Steve. Is this guy nuts or is it me?


  1. lol Lauren is great ...

    "You know, Charlie thinks about you a lot. You two could give it a go - be happy. But instead you're going to balls it up for all this woo stuff ... think about it ... dickhead."

    (at least that's what I think she said)

    Steve and his one dull follower could be pretty humorous.

  2. You had me at "dickhead", KM. <3

  3. Is Steve attempting another bromance? ;)

  4. Lauren has quickly become my favorite. She's low-class and such a sassy girl. She's not afriad to speak her mind and tell people off.

    LOVE HER. Everyone else might try to tiptoe around feelings, but not her.

    I miss good-guy Steve when he was fighting the order. :(


  5. ok i've never had a problem with the player before but since gavin's new video they don't work. help?

  6. The player often hangs when the page first loads. When this happens, I just reload the page once or twice, and the video usually appears.

  7. Lauren is great! She just says what's on her mind, love it. Steve must fight the order again, what about Lord Carruthers? He almost had him. I really miss the old, normal Steve.

  8. Lauren is that best friend that vocalizes all the things you're scared to and knocks sense into you when you need it most. She's great.

    Of course Steve won't listen. He really believes what he has to do is more important than he and Charlie's happiness. Sigh.

  9. I can't even get the player to load... I updated flash player and it still doesn't work. What browser are you guys using to watch? I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  10. I like Lauren too. I still want to know how Steve got back to the UK!! Since we know that teleportation was NOT an option. ;)

  11. LG15 needs a character equivalent of Lauren. Perhaps Lauren's sister..


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