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Friday, May 30, 2008

SAI interviews EQAL on deal with CBS

In an article posted on the EQAL website, Lonelygirl Guys: We Can Makes CBS Shows Work On The Web, Silicon Alley Insider (SAI) Michael Learmonth interviews Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried about their deal with CBS.

SAI: You’ve already said “KateModern” won’t be back after the current season, but what about “lonelygirl15?”

Beckett: That’s to-be-determined. The LG15 universe is alive and well. The production of “lonelygirl15″ was never as formal as “KateModern.” It’s been a week-by-week process.

See the full article at the link above for more interesting tidbits.


  1. "The LG15 universe is alive and well."

    Miles has obviously not been studying the view numbers since TAAG screwd Steve over.

    Without the cleavage and provocative title videos views are at an all time low. That translates into fewer people following the actual story.

    TAAG needs to reconnect with the audience. That bandaid the writers threw in was just not enough.

  2. "The production of “lonelygirl15″ was never as formal as “KateModern.” It’s been a week-by-week process."

    Thats a completely different story then what the fans were told...

    oh wait. sorry. I mean...the old story from like a year ago.

    And I completely agree MM...these story that they are playing right now is a bit...iced over with a ton of icing sugar. People really dislike TAAG now. And the closing of KM at this point in time was such a bad move. It makes the LA division sound like a bunch of jealous ...I originally said something REALLY mean there, but decided to delete it. You guys get the picture.

  3. I still say they should make a show with P. Monkey, Owen and Thor as the main characters. We never get to see things from their point of view.

  4. I don't think they actually own the rights to the toy characters. Technically those belong to the toy companies and they would have to make a deal for commercial use.

    But yea, now they have 5 million they could do that.


  5. The crossover has ended up being a disaster. Not only do we now loose KM which was looking better and better but the show we love is crashing and burning because of really bad writing that has trashed our favorite characters.


  6. Hopefully after this break they re-focus and try to regain their audience.

  7. LG15 Is going down quicker than Bree's mom on an Elder.

    Good luck keeping you audience after this one, C's.

  8. I like KM, but I don't quite understand why it seems to get much more of a 'free pass' from fan criticism than lonelygirl15.

    Lately, the skittles campaign has dominated the KM videos (and they did this with earlier products) - nothing subtle at all about the product placement. It's fairly entertaining, but where is the actual story anymore? I just think if lonelygirl15 started plugging a product to this degree, the fans would be up in arms about it... maybe there is just an accumulation of frustration?

  9. qthec i disagree. I've stopped watching the past week of videos purely because i'm sick of the skittles campaign.

    I've said to various people and on various places that I am getting more and more sick of EQAL treating us like we're idiots. I've just never said it somewhere like this as I know the creators look.

  10. come on guys ... the Skittles thing last one week. They gonna pay the bills right?!?! Maybe if we had more of these then they wouldnt have to finsh the show. Who is going to pay for everything if these candy compamies dont

  11. I realize the skittles campaign is lame, but at least they found a valid reason to work it into the show! The reason KM has got away with it is because the story line has always always been stronger, less-swiss-cheesy, and the characters are MUCH more intelligent and more likable. LG, being EQAL's current main product is super lame and needs lots of help from writers who dont treat their audience like idiots, as Jenna said. We made it clear when there was the ARG element being lead by Glenn that we could clearly handle deep, thought provoking story lines that forced us to do our own research. As of now, they have stopped using the multi-platform medium that they helped to foster and are treating it like a television show. Thats not what we, the audience came here for. Super super super lame.


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