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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ThEmptyCheshire Puzzle Solved!

Recently the individual who hacked ThEmptyCheshire's Youtube account left a second puzzle

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A clue was left at http://cheshireshead.blogspot.com/ that hinted ..

canines always lead their masters home.

GenocideInMyMind posted the solve at the Forum Thread ...

Using all four canine teeth, and the "tiny" hint:
This leads to Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fhdau8

The document name is SeeYouSoon.doc

I've opened it, and bingo. There is a letter ...

The letter reads ...


Dear Jackson Creature,

New York was fun. I believe that you know someone who was vacationing there. Dr. Frank, was it? Yeah I ran into him. I was under the impression that while James may be your “father,” Frank was the man who raised you as his own. I decided to pay him a visit and perhaps ask him a couple of questions regarding you. He was shy at first, and wouldn’t talk. Then I got to show him some of my favorite toys. Boy, he couldn’t stop talking then. I got pretty bored easily and didn’t care that he told me about you and where you were probably hiding. But by then it was too late. Sorry. I guess I was bored.

Be seeing you soon,


PS- Oh yeah, I took a picture right before I left Frank. In fact, I think he’s still there. Ciao!

And included the following picture ...

See also: THE picture: OOG

"That picture wasn't made for this little mini-side story-ARG."

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