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Friday, May 16, 2008

To Answer Some Questions

There were a few questions that need to be addressed for the Nominations process. The top four names that were nominated in each category the most were the names that were released last night. Nominations closed at 12 (midnight ) PDT last night. Any nomination received there after were not added to the final tally. At one point there was a 8 way tie for Queen. Thankfully MicFranXon allowed one of the Prom Committee members to notify the community, during his show, that there was a lack of nominations. Also that the tie needed to be broken. After that a number of nominations poured in, thus breaking the tie and making the top four quite evident. As for why there is only 3 Princes' on the list. Those were the only names submitted under the Prince Nomination list. At no time was the Prom Committee, in any way swaying nominations, nor did any of them nominate a person for the Royal Court. If at all, we as a committee encouraged The Community to send in nominations, create prom videos, campaign for your person of choice for court and to have fun doing it all.

We hope that you will all be there tomorrow night, to enjoy all the fun that is the Prom, because thats what it is all about. Having a great time with your friends and enjoy good music. Polls will open up right here at around 4pm PST. This is earlier than originally discussed to allow for as many votes to be put in as possible. Updates on who is winning will be given through the night until BreeFM's Station's Manager's announcement. Not to mention that you never know what might happen during prom. There is the possibility of some quite exciting things. So join us Saturday for a full night of Music, Fun, Games, Friends, and EPICNESS. This prom is going to make history, and who doesn't want to be apart of that.

Thank you to EVERYONE that sent in Nominations. It truly shows that we are all big community when we have an 8 way tie. Prom is going to Bring us together. Let's make this the best event of the year!!!!!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prom#Prom_King_and_Queen < for more information on the Practice of Prom.


  1. I do not think this was a fair way to run the process. If the nominations themselves were going to be a popularity contest that should have been clearly stated up front. I think all nominations should have been included in the vote.

  2. I am So EXCITED about prom nothing could bring me down !

  3. i feel as if one robot had his eyes on being prom king.

  4. Bots do not run for election, anon and this is certainly not about me. I have no desire to hold any elected position because the actual process of democracy is fatally flawed.

    But I do support PromNight2008 because I believe it is a great community effort. I just think that it is important to keep it open and transparent.

  5. I see nothing in the original posts asking for nominations to indicate that only the top 4 would be included in the vote. That given, all the nominations need to be included in the vote or else it is just unfair. Any reasonable person who nominated someone would have the expectation that one nomination would be enough. Had they known different then clearly they would have done more to support a particular candidate. Please rectify this ASAP by including all the nominees in the final vote.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I agree with modelmotion on this one. It was unclear that the nominations were actually round 1 votes.

  8. From May, 11th 2008 from the promnight2008 blog

    "The top names will be put into a poll to vote on 24 hours before the annoucement. Feel Free to nominate anyone from the Breeniverse or the Community."

  9. that rule is patently unconstitutional, because the ballot in palm beach county was flawed, and how the hell did all those jewish retirees vote for pat buchanan?

  10. quit leaving steamy camel leavings on the prom

    in a year no one is going to care who won anyways


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