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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Update from Jess

From Jessica's MySpace on May 15


Hello Everyone!!!
Sorry it has been SO SO long! I thought it was about time I wrote a little blog and updated you all!
First of all thank you for the support you all have given by watching me in 'GREEK' , It was such an amazing experience and I have made such great relationships with the cast etc, I am so grateful for that opportunity.

I have teamed up with Rob and Scott from Iron Sink (creators of 'Roomates' and 'Soup of the day') to Create my Web Show, I am very excited to have them on board they are very talented and are bringing some excellent ideas to the table.

I am about to start filming a new Web Series from the Creators of 'Prom Queen' and 'Sam has 7 friends' I don't know the official Name of the series yet so I won't disclose that info, But I am excited to be working on this project, It is something I'm really passionate about.

Well theres my internet side of things! :) Aside from those 2 projects I am still working on the development of a TV series with Taryn Southern and Stevie Ryan we have now named the series 'Webutantes' you can check out the website at www.thewebutantes.com.

As for Perfect Sport, We won 'Best original Dramatic feature' at the Houston Film festival. It's so incredible to have the film recognized and the director/producer/writer and star Tony O'brien deserves it more than anyone I know. The amount of hard work and passion he put into that film is inspiring, He literally devoted his life to making sure it was done right!

Aside from work, I am in a good place right now I am having a lot of fun, I'm surrounded by such awesome people. It's a good time for me :)

Anyway Thank you all again for everything!!



  1. wow. iron sink and big fantastic are probably the 2 biggest players in online video other than EQAL.

  2. Yep.....actually something to look forward to:)


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