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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Very Important Lee - Lee (KM)

Lee said...

This was quite possibly the greatest day of my life - Lee


  1. Lee's crazy man-crush on Roy is quite amusing.

  2. That was actually quite fun.

    Well done Lee.

    You pulled it off.

  3. That was awesome!

    (So pissed KM was canceled. >:/)

  4. Lee is really the greatest faboy ever haha. So funny, ROOYYYYY!!! LOL

    And I'm pissed also silverblue. KM is so much better then lg15.

  5. faboy must be fanboy. (damn keyboard)

  6. Lee is nuts, it makes such great viewing with his crazy antics.

  7. Whats weird, is I didn't like Lee when Gav/Tariq tortured him. I thought it was a really random pointless thing that made everyone hate them. BUT NOW, I adore Lee. He's grown into his humor or maybe it's just grown on me. He's so funny...such a character.


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