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Saturday, June 21, 2008

[92] tag you're it - OperationOssifrage (tC : WF)

Feeling the heat, buddy?

Visit theCoalition


  1. Dear RevenantRed,

    I did bring it on but you could not handle it!



  2. P.S,

    Tag You`re It.


  3. Side Note :

    Abusive and threatening Anonymous comments have been deleted, by me.

    We will NOT tolerate such unfounded and slanderous attacks on anyone in our community on LG15Today.

    Got a problem with someone? Take it to PM.



    If you have a problem with me, or anyone else in this community, take it to PM.

    You know how to find me.

    These comments are for discussion related to the post, and are not here for creating drama.

  5. Sheesh. You take things too serious,
    when others join in on the fun and games.

    Can you at least admit we both got out of hand?

  6. Anonymous, I will no longer address you here, ever again.

    If you want to talk about this, send me a private message.

  7. Lets take this over to the Coaltion web site where it belong:


  8. Link To Coalition Web Discussion :


  9. I'm sorry Modelmotion and Greg, but I fail at seeing how that belongs to the Coalition discussions. I'm just seeing here anonymous trolling and someone constantly trying to pick a fight with Greg. I personally don't see how that's relevant to the Coalition.

    The Coalition is about entertainment. If this blog community has internal issues, it's none of our business.

    Impulse, Coalition PM.

  10. Thanks impulse, but this discussion has now moved to the Coaltion web site. See you there.

  11. Thanks modelmotion, but this discussion has nothing to do with the Coalition. Take it elsewhere, preferably in PM.

  12. MM, thank you for bringing to our attention that an anonymous user and
    a non-anonymous user were abusing LG15Today in comment threads related
    to two Allies & Adversaries videos.

    It is unfortunate that this has occurred, and the Coalition does not in any way condone this type of behavior.

    in reading (and re-reading) this discussion, I can assure you that it
    was in no way related to the Coalition nor, actually, to the
    player-produced A/A videos themselves. This was a flamewar that got
    out of hand and was unfortunately, aggravated by, among other things,
    the fact that anonymous posting is allowed.

    While I thank you
    for the vote of confidence in feeling that we might be better at
    dealing with this type of thing than LG15Today, truly, the discussion
    has no place with the Coalition's website either.

    Since this is the case, I have locked the referenced thread.

    Diane (aka chershaytoute)
    Community Manager, the Coalition

  13. The reason we felt it belonged with the Coalition is that it involves Coalition videos.

    If you are not willing to allow it to be discussed on the Coalition web site that is your choice.

    We expect everyone who posts here to act responsibly whether they post as anon or not. Freedom and liberty are not the issue here. The issue is being accountable for what you post and each individual is held responsible.

  14. Forgive my interference, but I don't see this as a coaltion issue anymore than I see it as a blogspot issue. Personally, I wouldn't send the comments anywhere but the trashcan.
    But, if you gotta send it somewhere else, maybe the redterritory website since there are red territory tags.
    An unrelated argument started in a WF thread. Had this argument started in a KM thread would the discussion have been moved to KM?
    I don't think so.
    One juvenile 'fan' of the coalition doesn't necessarily make this a coalition issue.
    Y'know, this is the first and only place on the web that allows for annonymous posting. I'm starting to understand why.

  15. "Anonymous said...

    Y'know, this is the first and only place on the web that allows for annonymous posting. I'm starting to understand why."

    Anyone need the definition for Irony?

  16. I'm anonymous because I can be :-P

  17. "I'm anonymous because I can be"

    Isn't freedom a wonderful thing? :)

  18. Just because we give you the freedom to hang yourself does not mean you are obligated to do so.

  19. I agree. But, fortunately there are laws outside this blogspot that makes hanging and suicide illegal. In other words, you can't give me that kind of freedom.
    I must say, you people are confrontational today aren't you?
    Too bad there's not a gladiator ring on line where you can beat each others brains in.
    Practice your freedoms and run this place into a negative zone, I don't give a damn.

  20. Where there's a Will, theres a way, Anon.

    Can't we all just get along?

  21. If you break the law then you and you alone are accountable to the law, your conscience and your deity if you are so inclined. As stated before YOU are responsible for what YOU post.

  22. I'm not sure what that means, but sure I can get along. Smile at me and I promise to smile back.

  23. Anyone heard of conversion prophet? Please help.


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