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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Answers - Terrence (KM)

I think you may want to watch this if you want to know exactly what young Lauren has gotten herself into.


  1. The wall behind Terrence kind of looked like the bedroom wall behind Sophie in her last vid (scalloped/wavy texture)...

  2. I have a feeling Terrence's artwork is not going on the next "Fight the Order" poster.

  3. Dude I didn't expect the nerdy guy to have a freaking machine gun!

    He better not hurt my Lauren. But he is officially the webs scariest villian. Someone give that dude and award!

  4. Heres an example of why KM is better than LG15; They bring back old characters. It's so much more interesting this way.

  5. Terrence is such a good villan!

  6. Terrence is such a great villian

  7. Did someone ring for an award???

    Terrence is an early contender for a 2009 Hopey for Best Villain.

  8. Using his cousins machine gun, but this time it was actually used to kill Michelle Clore.


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