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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cabin Fever - Sarah (LG15)

We've been so bored, but thanks to everyone at lg15.com for the great idea! - Sarah
Music: Artist: Caution Cat
Track: "Cool Stars"
Artist Link: www.CautionCat.com

Artist: Eric Lyman
Track: "Knock on Wood"
Artist Link: http://www.ericlyman.com/

Visit our LG15 Prom portal page:


  1. Oh my god! No cleavage? Is this the apocolypse?

  2. Duhhhh.....the prom was OUT OF GAME!!!!!!

    LOL......i guess the writers don't understand TINAG:)

  3. That is an interesting observation, modelmotion. The only mention of the IRC Prom I can find at the phorum is in the "off-the-cuff" section.

    I don't see any of the promotional videos posted at LG15.

    I wasn't an organizer for the Prom. I wonder which of the organizers granted the C's the rights to mention the event in a canon video.

    As far as I know, they didn't sponsor the event.

  4. It was clearly stated it was OGG. BreeFM is an out of game chat room, meaning no characters allowed.

  5. Clearly they can't have the prom since the idea came from out of game. I guess the girls will have to go with the backup plan. Skinny dipping in the hot tub. No boys allowed.

    Yes, I've been drinking. It was a bad day.

  6. "I wonder which of the organizers granted the C's the rights to mention the event in a canon video."

    Well, luckily Obama has approved my mention here that he will be the Democratic nominee for president.

    seriously though, the C's are bending over backwards here to credit the "lg15 community."

  7. Daniel was funny in this vid, but Jonas missed an opportunity to say, "Couldn't you just tie me up instead?"

  8. I agree Milo, it was a very nice and appreciated gesture and I did not mean to diminish that.

    In the long run it would help if LG15 could clarify where they stand in relationship to the ARG commandments. Perhaps LG15 is not even an ARG today. They have really not clarified that one way or the other.

  9. I guess I really wasn't trying to diminish the homage to IRC Prom, either.

    I was just pointing out that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    LG15 has a policy regarding what becomes their "intellectual property."

    The IRC Prom didn't appear to qualify. Maybe the people who set it up don't mind if their ideas are used. Perhaps the C's got permission from them first. I don't know.

  10. Or perhaps they noticed how much fun the prom was and how much of a good idea it is. They mentioned the community prom as to giving credit to the community for a good idea.

  11. i just see another attempt to copy a good idea that the fans created...
    you know...we used to make fun of people like that.

  12. mm - i think lg15 has never strictly followed any ARG rules. They have adopted "ARG-like elements" in the show, which peaked during the OpAphid 'crossover'. the fact that the irc prom was OOG never crossed anyone's mind at EQAL, i am sure.

    apo- ah, i see :-) I don't think the idea of having a prom is a legally protectible idea, but the lg15 policy on 'owning' UGC, at least as it is stated at the site, is over the top.

    i guess i am wondering whether people are flattered that the prom idea was co-opted, or irritated (and if so, why). the very first plot arc in lg15, the hints of romance by daniel and bree, was done in response to fan input. the cookie baking contest was done in response to fan ideas. its always been this way.


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