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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Call To Arms (tC-Bob Samuels)

"Recently I found myself going through Bell's old things. Among her things are several hundred illustrations and drawings. I'm going to sort through these and I hope by September I can publish them for the world to see. I feel they may hold important clues. These images came from her own troubled mind, and perhaps they will lead to details about the cause of those troubles. Sounds strange I know, but I'm not ready to move around and I can't just sit on my hands while Bell is--I don't know. I don't know what Bell is. I can only hope that she is alive. This is all I can do for now, but I will find her. I swear.

Will 'O Wisp, Worldfiles, ZorinXL..They are subjects of Bell's illustrations. I feel they may be key."

Read the full entry: here.

Visit theCoalition 2.0


  1. The artwork is awesome, and the new summary "investigative files" on the new website for each of the Coalition stories are helpful.

    Perhaps an OOG blurb for LG15 Today to explain about why the move to the new website, and the timing, etc. would help reduce confusion about what is going on with theCoalition?

  2. Well Bob seems to be saying that the Coalition has broken up. But, hey I dont know Bob from a hole in the wall, so who knows.

  3. MM, Bob is easy to find if you visit the site. He's the webmaster and has blogs explaining things.

  4. Ummm...www.thecoalitiontv.com?

  5. Sheesh, whats with all the anonymous commenting lately?

    It's not hard to put a name down, ya know. You don't even have to have a Google account, just click "Name/url" and type a name in (no need to put a url)

    It makes it easier to address people when responding to their comments, or do you guys just like to be confusing as all hell?

  6. Yes, what anonymous said...only without the question mark. :-)

  7. I agree with what Ole_Hit_Action said.

    Sorry I couldn't help myself.

  8. Looks like the MMMbot needs new optical circuits. The link to the site is right in the footer!

  9. Yea but there are now two coalition web sites, so excuse the confusion. Don't blame me for this mess.

  10. well, I'm confused. Perhaps someone can explain how the sites interact or don't interact with each other now.

    What's the difference now between thecoalition.tv and thecoalitiontv.com

  11. I don't want to step on any toes here, but I was invited to look over the new site a few days ago by Chershaytoute, so I assume it is all legit and not a game-jack or something...

    But Bob Samuels, I read your blog entries, and they are clever as hooks, but don't clear up the basic OOG questions I asked in an earlier comment. If you could just let us know what is going on with the change in websites (and the renaming of Facility J to The Facility), we can use the blog to help communicate and bring in new viewers.

    Is the old Coalition site going away? When? Why the change? Are all the same stories and PM's still in play (as it appears) or is there to be some kind of separation? Anything else of a basic kind that I didn't think to ask?

    So far, the new site looks a bit simplier to navigate than the old one, so that's good.

  12. The original coalition site seems to be changing rapidly as we speak.

  13. I think maybe we should hold off trying to report on this until the dust settles and things make sense again.

  14. Whenever I click on the link that says "Read the full entry: here." I get this ..

    "You are not authorised to view this resource.
    You need to login."

    1. Authorized is mis-spelled.

    2. I love learning new stuff, but i'm not going to join the site to read about it. Sorry guys.

  15. Sorry Anonymous, you need ot join the site (well, er, both Coalition sites now I guess) to post that feedback. ;)

    But yeah, I don't care much for that approach either. Even after joining, I would like to be able to pop in to check for updates without having to log in.

  16. I'm sure they'll work it out, and hopefully let people know what's going on. I'm just not sure the role both sites will play now. The new one seems pretty obvious, but what is going on with the old one?

    Bob, please let us know once you can. I know you might not have answers right now.

  17. QtheC: You can view all content at theCoalition except anything that allows for interaction. If everything were made public, there'd be no need to register. I personally don't like having to register at every site I visit but as far as updates go you can check in and see what the latest videos and headlines are right on the front page. I think the site reflects the feedback that has been coming in and going forward theCoalition will continue to be open to suggestions.

  18. lol, immo1, my first thought was "which Coalition site is immo1 talking about?"

    Come on guys (whoever is behind these sites), at least pick one of the sites to be theCoalition, and give the other site a new name.

  19. Just to be clear, in case it wasn't, even though I put an "lol" in my last comment, I was not joking - I really don't know which site immo1 was speaking about/for.

    This status, as I'm sure all would agree, is seriously broken. Two sites, with overlapping names and stories, with the new one copying much of the text and posts from the old one? The biggest problem is that both sites seem, at the moment, to be trying to play host to all the "other" content (everything besides the big four - the old site has Facility J videos, and the new site has WOW, World Files, Xorin XL, and clone of Facility J called The Facility).

    It is sort of appropriate storywise that someone cloned the entire Facility rather than just it's patients.

    As for names, one suggestion might be "theCrumbleition" - first site to claim , it's yours! Or howabout "theIconoclastition" or "theChaosition" or "theConfusition" or "theAloneition" ?

    Maybe one site should just become a parody of theCoalition? Everything would be visible, until you log in, and then you would be able to access nothing whatsoever. ;)

  20. Um, yeah by the way, sorry if my comments come across as harsh - not meant to me. I wish you folks luck in sorting out the websites, and continue to enjoy your creative stories.

  21. "Maybe one site should just become a parody of theCoalition? Everything would be visible, until you log in, and then you would be able to access nothing whatsoever. ;)"



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