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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cold War Revisited - Jennie (LG15)

I won't let the group implode. - Jennie

Music:Artist: Pela
Track: Waiting on the Stairs
Link: www.pelamusic.com

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  1. So they can't take Jonas to a hospital because the Order is everywhere, but they can go to the police?

    I don't get it.

  2. And they know Lucy has infiltrated the local police department. Sounds like they handed him directly to the Order.

  3. Yea, and wait, they kidnapped him. Thats still illegal...right.....or can they get away with a citizens arrest? But, I don't think even that allows for torture. And isn't Jonas wanted for questioning in the UK for that murder over there?

  4. who cares anymore? the plot is a mess, and the creators don't give a rip. They just keep digging themselves further and further into the same old hole.

  5. Well it would take alot of balls to come out and say, "we fucked the plot and cant fix it" haha

    LG15 is now like a terrible terrible straight to TV movie-drama.

  6. Maybe there is a mole in the LG15 writing team.

  7. wtf, if you think lonelygirl is that messed up. dont watch it, its that simple.

    just dont sit around and bitch about how terrible its become.

  8. Steve would have been questioned by the Police before Joans and since he hasn't it's safe to assume it was covered up.

    They dropped Carl off at the police station, it would be good to see that one explained. They probably didn't because they coudln't.

    I would say the LG15 plot does have some holes but it isn't that bad.

    I will say the some of the fans from the beginning to seem to like to pick each episode apart and highlight every little hole. When it gets to that point it seems that you no longer seem to be enjoying the show.

  9. I can bitch about how terrible it is all I want, the shows for everyone,not just people who currently love it, everyone can critisie it, its the internets.

  10. Perhaps it would help if the writers sat down and watched some old episodes. They appear not to know a lot of things. And the day we stop caring about the plot holes will be the day LG15 is dead.

  11. For all the bitching, whining and complaining you're still watching.

    If it was so bad you would have moved on -- the internet is a big place. It's obvious you're still watching because you're still interested.

  12. Actually bitching and whining prove that people are still watching. I don't think anyone is denying that.

    In fact, I'm going to say something very revolutionary right now. Are you ready? I will dare say the bitchers and whiners garner more hits and comments for the YouTube and website. The more hits and comments for the YouTube and website = money for Eqal. So the bitchers and the whiners do more to promote lonelygirl15 and keep it in business than the people that sit there with their hands folded and post anonymously on sites saying no one is allowed to bitch and whine. SO CONTINUE TO BITCH AND WHINE MY FRIENDS FOR YOURS IS THE KINGDOM OF LONELYGIRL!

  13. No doubt that the ones that bitch, whine and moan do probably contribute a lot to the viewings and ratings.
    But even Katemodern has plot holes, not as many as Lg15 but Lg15 has kind of had a few shake ups over its time. From cast members leaving to show contributors coming and going.
    I also think that they are still experimenting with things and so things are introduced, taken away or fail to work.

  14. Of course we care. This entire blog grew up out of a community that was originally formed around Lonelygirl15. Does that mean we should sit back and say nothing when the writers sell us down the river. Hell no! This is just as much OUR show as it is the Creators. We have a vested interest in the show and we are not going to let anyone destroy it without a fight. This is a new paradigm and the creators of shows need to get used to it.

  15. Why did they setup the chessboard wrong? If it turns out to be secret signal from Jennie, kudos to them, but I think it's very likely just another stupid mistake that slipped by the whole production team. I don't think there's anyone left with a brain, or even half a brain.


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