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Friday, June 6, 2008

Daniel was back in chat!

[21:24] *** Traveler83 is now known as Danielbeast.
[21:24] *** Mode change "+v Danielbeast" for channel #LG15chat by HAMmy.
[21:24] Danielbeast: HEy
[21:24] Danielbeast: HEY
[21:24] Danielbeast: so i headed west and not sure where to go
[21:24] Danielbeast: no mitch
[21:25] Danielbeast: i received everyone's message about the church
[21:25] Danielbeast: nothing there
[21:25] Danielbeast: jennie isn't religious so it was a longsot
[21:25] Danielbeast: shot
[21:25] Danielbeast: i don't know where any othe bunkers are
[21:25] Danielbeast: they're in the thesis
[21:25] Danielbeast: i think this agnes thing is throwing us off
[21:26] Danielbeast: the rest of the riddle - the words meant somehing else - so agnes must be a metaphor for something else
[21:26] Danielbeast: i'm west, i'm in santa monica, didn't know where else to go
[21:26] Danielbeast: but it's getting late and i'm worried abut emma
[21:26] Danielbeast: she's out there all alone
[21:27] Danielbeast: did you hear from the others?
[21:27] Danielbeast: :(
[21:27] Danielbeast: what could "sound of music" mean - it can't be as obvious as just the movie
[21:27] Danielbeast: it's got to represent something
[21:28] Danielbeast: don't think so
[21:28] Danielbeast: immortal, didn't magellan travel the pacific ocean?
[21:29] Danielbeast: head west, water, evaporates
[21:29] Danielbeast: what's that movie about?
[21:29] Danielbeast: sound of music
[21:29] Danielbeast: ok nuns...
[21:29] Danielbeast: agnes
[21:30] Danielbeast: where are they?
[21:30] Danielbeast: th nuns
[21:30] Danielbeast: there's no ocean in austria lol
[21:31] Danielbeast: jennie should have know i can't figure this stuff out
[21:31] Danielbeast: ok ok focus
[21:31] Danielbeast: ok be right back doing some research
[21:35] Danielbeast: I'm such an idiot!
[21:35] Danielbeast: Agnes!
[21:35] Danielbeast: You know Jennie, she's the do gooder
[21:35] Danielbeast: Agnes, that was name of her dog growing up
[21:36] Danielbeast: Agnes was Mother Teresa's given name!
[21:36] Danielbeast: we all know what she was about... poverty
[21:36] Danielbeast: she made that poverty video
[21:37] Danielbeast: she's gotta be at the beach
[21:37] Danielbeast: west, water, uneven condition, sand, mother teresa
[21:37] Danielbeast: right? or am i totally off on this?
[21:38] Danielbeast: you guys don't think so...
[21:38] Danielbeast: ??
[21:38] Danielbeast: what should i do?
[21:38] Danielbeast: ok someone tell emma
[21:39] Danielbeast: i've got a laptop, will update you when i can
[21:39] *** Danielbeast (n=traveler@unaffiliated/danielbeast) has signed off IRC ("Java user signed off").

09:44 maddemp Its the beach from "It's The Doing That Matters"
09:45 Mathieas Jennie's dog was named Agnes



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