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Friday, June 6, 2008

Daniel was in chat!

[19:04] * Traveler17 is now known as Danielbeast
[19:04] <+Danielbeast> hi HaNx
[19:04] <+Danielbeast> its me daniel
[19:04] <+Danielbeast> i've moved locations and am checking in
[19:05] <+Danielbeast> i am so happy jennie is safe. has enyone heard from emma since she posted?
[19:05] <+Danielbeast> i know she's strong but i'm worried about her
[19:05] <+Danielbeast> worried about EVERYONE
[19:05] <+Danielbeast> my phone died after i posted
[19:05] <+Danielbeast> so that's why i'm checking in with you guys
[19:06] <+Danielbeast> so i saw bits and pieces of jennie's vid
[19:06] <+Danielbeast> i don't have a great connection where i am
[19:06] <+Danielbeast> does anyone know what the heck she was talking about?
[19:06] <+Danielbeast> omega, i think i'm safe but ya never know
[19:07] <+Danielbeast> thanx HAM
[19:07] <+Danielbeast> i'm in la but don't know where to go
[19:07] <+Danielbeast> no way to contact anyone
[19:07] <+Danielbeast> i'm sure they're on my trial, i'm doing the best i can to stay hidden
[19:07] <+Danielbeast> no bobby
[19:08] <+Danielbeast> i hope so bobby - that's the logical place for all of us to head
[19:08] <+Danielbeast> we should have sorted out a safe place to meet if
[19:08] <+Danielbeast> if something happened
[19:09] <+Danielbeast> dude i never thought something like this wd happen
[19:09] <+Danielbeast> ya but still
[19:09] <+Danielbeast> we should have been more careful
[19:09] <+Danielbeast> never let your guard down, that's we keep saying and yet...
[19:10] <+Danielbeast> your right chelsey... move forward and find the others
[19:10] <+Danielbeast> anyone heard from gina? jonas? sarah?
[19:10] <+Danielbeast> they should have checked in by now
[19:10] <+Danielbeast> lyric, pls tell me if they do
[19:11] <+Danielbeast> what? ham not sure what yur talking about
[19:11] <+Danielbeast> jonas set up carl? no way.
[19:11] <+Danielbeast> i trust my life with him
[19:12] <+Danielbeast> no mitch i couldn't really see a thing. utter chaos
[19:14] <+Danielbeast> Coffee shop
[19:14] <+Danielbeast> look, i can't stay here long, where should i go next?
[19:14] <+Danielbeast> what was Jennie talking about?
[19:14] <+Danielbeast> i've been looking at the puzzle but i have no idea
[19:14] <+Danielbeast> why's jennie so smart?
[19:15] <+Danielbeast> k guys no pressure
[19:15] <+Danielbeast> thanx 4 the help
[19:15] <+Danielbeast> k surf, will do
[19:15] <+Danielbeast> i'm not sure jennie's ever been there
[19:15] <+Danielbeast> it's not easy to get to
[19:16] <+Danielbeast> i can't believe what happened in there
[19:16] <+Danielbeast> i didn't really know until i saw jennie's footage
[19:16] <+Danielbeast> bex, what happened at the end?
[19:16] <+Danielbeast> i think so hayley
[19:17] <+Danielbeast> i dont want to even think it's...
[19:17] <+Danielbeast> let's not say until we know
[19:18] <+Danielbeast> i think those ppl were the order after jonas ran out
[19:18] <+Danielbeast> maybe bobby maybe
[19:18] <+Danielbeast> k so what do we know?
[19:19] <+Danielbeast> zephyrus - someone said that's god of the west wind or something?
[19:20] <+Danielbeast> theater? i don't know. i mean i now she likes theater but i jus don't know
[19:20] <+Danielbeast> what's a cardinal?
[19:20] <+Danielbeast> ok so west wind... navigation --- all points west
[19:20] <+Danielbeast> magellen
[19:21] <+Danielbeast> hmm remember him from history i think
[19:21] <+Danielbeast> what did he do?
[19:21] <+Danielbeast> where's he frm?
[19:22] <+Danielbeast> Tiff, that sounds right if we're going with the direction theme
[19:22] <+Danielbeast> but it can't be south africa, that's a long journey!
[19:23] <+Danielbeast> ok gotta go, been here too long
[19:23] * +Danielbeast (n=traveler@unaffiliated/danielbeast) Quit ("Java user signed off")


Special thanks to Chelsey.


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